When looking through the DirecTV channel lineup that we have to offer, the one package we get the most questions on is are add-on sports package.  Besides offering dozens of other sports channels such as ESPN, the MLB Network, Fox Soccer Plus and a host of other channels, many of our customers take advantage of our HD Sports Package

directv-sports-packThe current DirecTV sports package that we offer for just 85 cents a month is the HD 4 channel lineup consisting of CBS College Sports, The Golf Channel, NBC Sports Network and the NFL Network.  For those who are unfamiliar with this particular DirecTV Channel Lineup, here is a brief overview of what each of these channels has to offer.

CBS College Sports- Among the leaders in the sports industry, CBS College Sports Channel provides a host of sporting events from the NCAA.  While all the major channels such as the traditional CBS, NBC and Fox host the major NCAA football games only, this channel offers many of the more obscure college sports year around.  Some of the sports include baseball, softball, lacrosse, hockey, basketball, football, golf and tennis.  If you are one that loves sports this channel is jammed packed full of high level NCAA action.

The Golf Channel-  The Golf Channel is the #1 golf network in the world.  Compared to other sports in the DirecTV channel lineup, the Golf Channel provides the most instructional shows by a landslide.  Constant instructional shows, insight and many professional and amateur tournaments are just some of what this channel has to offer.  This channel is one of our favorites for many residents as a few of them have their own putting area set up in their rooms as they get instructions from some of today’s best PGA professionals.

NBC Sports Network-  Much like the CBS sports network, NBC offers many sports and sport talk shows to its customers.  Available in HD, this is a favorite channel for those who love some of the sports that aren’t on the traditional channels.  One thing we love about this channel is that it shows many of the teams that the big cable networks don’t show on a regular basis.  This part of our DirecTV sports package has been gaining steam in popularity since it came out a few years back.

The NFL Network-  By far one of our most popular channels is the NFL Network.  When looking at the DirecTV Channel lineup that we have to offer, one question we almost always get first is “Do you have the NFL Network”?  America loves the NFL  and the NFL Network is the king of football.  From the NFL Combine to the draft and into the season, the NFL Network has everything NFL all of the time.  Many people love their shows during the offseason too as they show many of the past Superbowls, along with shows such as “The Top 100 Players”,  “NFL Total Access”,  “A Football Life”  and “Hard Knocks”.  This channel is the king of football channels and one of the most popular channels in our lineups.

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