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Computers for Seniors: 5 Computers That We Recommend

Every computer has a purpose and this is something that can often become confusing for people choosing a new computer for their home or office.  Senior citizens often have different dilemmas than younger adults as they will often choose computers to best fit their needs.   Computers for seniors will often be chosen based on need other than want or design.   With that being said, we have picked five of our favorite computers for different types of senior citizen needs.

Best Touchscreen PC- Telikin Elite II:  The Telikin Elite II is SeniorTV’s choice for best touch screen PC for seniors.  The best part of this product is that is simple to use and has easy to follow instructions for even the newest of computer users.   Used mainly for web browsing and game playing, the Telikin Elite II comes with a large 22” computer monitor that is great for those who have visual impairments.   With the big touch display design, seniors can enlarge everything on the PC and make it very easy to view.   The Telikin also has a built in Facebook Sync that allow users to sync their family photos directly to their PC with little issues.

Best Laptop- Apple MacBook Air:  While the MacBook has a learning curve for those users who are used to Windows,  the switch in switching to Apple has become easier the last few years as more and more people have bought Apple products.  We love the Apple MacBook Air because it is lightweight (2.96 lbs.), easy to use and offers all the essential items that most seniors are looking for in a laptop.   With an excellent wireless networking system, seniors in nursing homes and other senior facilities can easily access their wireless network from long distances.

Best Tablet- Apple iPad Air 2:    The Apple iPad has revolutionized the world of tablets, especially among the senior community.  When choosing the #1 choice for computers for seniors, many seniors feel that the iPad is the most user friendly device for seniors.   With the ability to download thousands of Apps, the Apple iPad Air 2 is the latest in the line of great iPads that Apple has put out for its customers.  Besides the Apps, most seniors love the iPad because they are essentially virus free and offer easy access to apps with just a simple click of an icon.

Best Budget Computer- HP Chromebook For those looking to spend just a few hundred dollars on a reliable internet browsing PC, we recommend the HP Chromebook or as our pick for best low budget computer.   Without all the bells and whistles of the large PCs, the Chromebook is a great computer for seniors who are looking to just use their computer for basic web browsing, e-mailing or watching videos.

Best Computer for Working Seniors- Dell Precision Tower 5810:  Dell is still one of the powerhouses when it comes to producing great desktop PCs and the Dell Precision Tower 5810 fits the bill.  For seniors that are still working and want a fully functional PC with the ability to handle any type of software, device or home theatre system, we highly recommend the Dell Precision Tower 5810.  With many bells and whistles, this PC has it all.  Visit the Dell website to check more into the pricing and availability of this PC.

When it comes to computers for seniors it is important for the user to buy a computer that best fits their needs.   While a computer can now come in many shapes and sizes, it is important to get one that has everything the user needs.  Hopefully the list above will help you a little on your quest to find a quality computer for your home or work.