One of the scariest diseases for seniors is Alzheimer’s and dementia.   While losing a physical state can be very scary, those who lose their memory often add a tremendous amount of stress to loved ones.  It is hard to explain to a young child how their grandparent suddenly does not know who they are or remember anything about them.   With that being said, there are some common signs of Alzheimer’s.  While all of these sign do not definitely indication Alzheimer’s or dementia, any senior that is showing these signs should be checked out.

  1. alzheimers-disease-dementiaTrouble completing familiar tasks- Day to day general living tasks or work tasks are often the first signs of Alzheimer’s that is scene by family members or co-workers.   While many older adults do suffer from some form of memory loss, the ability to complete common daily assignments such as taking a shower or brushing their hair, than this could be the onset of early Alzheimer’s.
  2. Trouble with words – Besides daily living tasks, another common sign of Alzheimer’s is those who have trouble with words.  Forgetting when to say a word, or not remembering common words is often a sign that dementia or Alzheimer’s may be setting in.
  3. Getting Lost – Whether it is walking or driving, Alzheimer’s can be very scary for the loved ones of a senior who still operates a vehicle.  Many times going to a routine place like the grocery store or a relative’s house will be very hard for someone with Alzheimer’s.   Besides driving, many adults with Alzheimer’s will sometimes wander off from a neighborhood that they have lived for years and will have a hard time finding their way back home.   It is common for family members to find relatives very close to their home, when they had no idea where to go.
  4.  Misplacing Items –  While we are all guilty of misplacing items at one time or another,  people who are developing dementia or Alzheimer’s will often misplace important things on a regular basis.   The car keys, wallet and cellular phone are just some of the most common things that Alzheimer patient’s family members will find in random spots.  One good way to help a loved one who may do this is to assign a special spot right by the main door and have the loved ones put their items in this spot right when they get home.
  5. Moodiness-   Moodiness and irritability are common characteristics of Alzheimer’s patients.  Many times the patient will know that they are losing their memory and it will stress them out internally.   They may know where they “thought” that they put something, but when it is there they become angry or confused.

Dealing with a family member with Alzheimer’s or dementia is something that is very hard for a family member to do.   Remember if you see any of these signs, it is always best to consult a physician to see if this could be an issue.

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