The steps below show how to set up a C9 (CMTS) cabling for the C600 model.

TX connects to the IF in

RF out goes to the  combiner

Diplexer connects to RX

The C9 needs a 10-12db pad on the RX

Also, the C9 needs a 20db pad on the RF output

Some C9’s have an external modulator. Here is a picture that shows what and where the connections will be on this particular model. Click on he picture to view in full size.

The TX port on the C9 connects to the IF in port on the modulator as you can see in the

There should be a 10-12db pad on the RX port of the C9. The RX port on the C9 then connects to the diplexer, on the low band port pictured below.

On the modulator, you will need a loop where it is labeled “RF LOOP”.

The RF out port on the left side of the modulator is the output that distributes to your cable system. This will be connected to a combiner.