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Choosing Senior Care: 5 Senior Living Choices That You May Not Know About

One of the toughest decisions in life for a family member is the choice that they may make with their parent or grandparent to put them in a senior living facility.   While many people think of senior living facilities as “nursing homes” only, there are a few options that can be made depending on the situation.   For those who are interested in learning more, here are 5 senior living choices they may fit your loved ones needs.


1) Independent Living Facilities: Independent living facilities one of the most popular types of senior living in today’s society. This is great for seniors that do not need a lot of assistance getting around and with their healthcare. Some of the other terms that are associated with independent living facilities are retirement homes, senior housing, retirement communities and senior apartments. Generally, the housing is friendlier to seniors—it’s smaller, easier to traverse, and includes help with outdoor maintenance. Often recreational centers are also available on site and the people who live here will often travel to local restaurants, recreation centers and museums as part of their weekly schedule.
2)Assisted Living: Assisted living offers senior citizens independent living with the daily assistance and medical care they may need and help with activities of daily living such as eating, bathing and grooming. In most you can expect to see private or semiprivate rooms within a compound along with meals, kitchenettes, community spaces for socializing and organized activities. Another benefit is having activity directors that strive to find social engagements for seniors that will stimulate their minds and provide age-appropriate exercise.
3) In Home Care: Also known as aging in place, is for seniors that do not have trouble with mobility and have a tight support group close to their home. Seniors can also choose to receive help from a service that provides homemakers and home health aides. Home health aide services send workers to the home and the assistance they provide allows seniors to maintain independence and a sense of dignity. The services provided increase the senior’s comfort while reducing stress caused by their inability to take care of their own needs.  In home care is one of the most popular senior living choices as clients do not have to leave their residence and can keep much of their previous life.
4) Permanent Nursing Homes: Provides registered or licensed nurses, available 24-hours a day, for residents who require ongoing medical attention, in addition to assistance with daily activities such as grooming, bathing and eating. A permanent facility may be necessary if your medical and personal care needs have become too great to handle at home or in another facility. This may possibly due to a recent hospitalization, or a chronic illness which has been progressively worsening. Before making the step to a nursing home, it is wise to scout out several locations to find one that best fits your loved ones needs.
5)Temporary or Rehabilitation Facility: If there is a need for a temporary higher level of care after a hospitalization, but it’s anticipated being able to return to home or to a permanent facility after a period of time. Rehabilitation centers provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy for seniors after surgery, prolonged illness, stroke, orthopedic and neurological conditions and require intensive (24-hour) therapy services and medical management. This placement is meant to be short-term, perhaps only several weeks to several months.


It is important to try to find the best senior living choice that fits the needs of your family.  Many seniors who are misplaced will often become depressed and lonely if they choose a location that does not fit THEIR particular needs and wants.   Choose wisely and it can be a positive experience for both yourself and your loved one.