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Care Options for Seniors: A Comparison of the 5 Most Popular Housing Options


Find the proper placement for your loved one is very important when it comes to senior citizen housing options.   One huge problem is that many of these seniors fall for successful marketing tricks and will often go to the nearest care center or place where the best location for what they need isn’t.   Fortunately at SeniorTV we have worked in and serviced thousands of different senior care centers and have broken down the best care options for seniors based on what they need.  Here is 5 of the most popular housing options for seniors and a brief overview on each.


Adult Family Care–   Many adult family care homes are homes that are renovated to fit the needs of senior citizens.   Because it has the feeling of a traditional home, many seniors like this option compared to others that feel more like an institution.  These adult family care homes are traditionally handicapped accessible and have all the seniors’ needs provided for them under one roof.  Nurses, aides and attendants work in and out of this home and someone is always on site 24 hours a day in case of an emergency.


Assisted Living–   Just as it sounds, assisted living is a way to assist an adult that needs help with only a few things.   Many senior citizens who live in an assisted living apartment or home have someone that comes in and helps them with daily household chores.   Some seniors need help getting in and out of the bathtub, while others only need help with daily chores such as washing clothes or preparing meals.  Each person who is in assisted living has their own individual needs and uses these aides only for these needs.   If you have a loved one that is having trouble completing daily tasks,  than this is one of the best care options for seniors that you can choose.  Click here to find the best assisted living facilities in your area.


Home Care–  Home care is very similar to assisted living, except that the seniors stay in their own home .  Many seniors will often choose this option if they can still do many daily tasks, but may have trouble walking or need help to make their own meals.   One of the advantages of home care for many seniors is that they don’t have to pay extra money for housing as many of them own their residence.


Nursing Home–  The traditional housing choice for seniors is the nursing home.   While many nursing homes have changed over the past 20 years, they do offer everything that one needs in one location.  Many seniors choose nursing homes as they are usually covered by insurance and get all of their care and needs met in one location.   Nursing homes also are a great place for those who want to interact with other senior citizens as most nursing homes offer many activities for their clients.


Senior Living Communities–  Among the fastest growing care options for seniors over the last 10 years are senior living communities.   Senior living communities are popping up all over the United States and are one of the most popular choices for senior citizens.  Senior Living communities are like traditional neighborhoods,  usually condominiums,  with everything that the senior needs in one place.   Landscaping,  tennis courts,  swimming pools, restaurants and more are just some of the most popular options in these senior living communities.


As we have now approached the largest popular of senior citizens ever, the wants and needs of these seniors have changed.   More and more seniors are making choices based on their needs than ever before.  These 5 senior care options are among the most popular and senior living communities are showing rapid growth as more and more seniors are buying properties in these areas.