More and more seniors are hitting the gym, water and trails than ever.   At SeniorTV we have seen a huge increase in health activities in long term care facilities and nursing homes across the United States.  More and more facilities are using fitness equipment as a fringe benefit to gain clients. With heart disease on the rise, more and more seniors are adding cardio to their daily routine.   Let’s look more into this.


As we age it is important to keep up with an active lifestyle as well as a healthy diet. There are all kinds of exercises that will benefit every maturity level from stretching, to weights, to cardio for seniors. Before you start any exercise program, make sure to speak with your doctor. They will let you know if you should continue with low, moderate or high intensity type activities. This article will discuss the five best cardio choices for seniors of every activity level.

water-aerobicsWater Aerobics/Swimming – Water aerobics are usually done in a group, standing vertically, waist-deep, in the shallow end of a pool. The exercises can include walking, kicking, punching and wave-making. If you can handle a higher intensity workout, swimming laps or swimming from one end of a pool to the other may suit you better.

Walking/Running – Recreational walking around malls, parks or activity tracks is a great low impact exercise that will increase your heart rate. For those of you that can handle a little more movement, running through a park, on a treadmill (make sure your balance is strong and that you do not set the machine too fast) or on a track is another excellent choice.

Stationary/Outdoors CyclingLow impact cardio for seniors can be accomplished by pedaling on a stationary cycling machine indoors where there is air conditioning. For a harder workout, take to a bicycle outdoors where you love to ride most!

Dancing – Whether you wish to slow dance or Jitterbug, dancing is sure to raise your heart rate and get you moving! Turn on some of your favorite tunes, grab a partner (or head out solo) and boogie down! This is one of the most fun ways to infuse cardio into your every day workout routine.

Stair Climbing – This activity can be done either on the stairs of your home, a building or on the stairs of a machine in your local gym. Either way, you can control the speed and duration of this exercise as you boost your heart rate and workout your legs.