Up through the 1980s most businesses only had one option when it came to choosing cable TV for their business and that was getting cable from their local cable company.  From the 1990s to present day there have been many competitors in the cable TV market that  have challenged the local cable company.  The biggest growth in the last 20 years has been from DIRECTV, a company who specializes in providing personal satellite dishes to residents and businesses throughout the United States. DIRECTV VS CABLE

The Satellite Dish Myth:  One myth that many people looking into cable believe is that local cable companies do not have a satellite dish to deal with.  The only difference between your local cable company’s satellite dish and the satellite dish that you will get from DIRECTV is that your dish is mounted on your roof, while the cable company’s dish is mounted on their roof.  Both companies receive a signal from satellites in orbit and both are subject to deal with the same weather conditions throughout the world.

Channel Choices:  With the local cable company, businesses get to choose from a wide number of packages.  With these packages business are at the cable company’s control on which channels come with a package.  So for instance if you get a basic package (local channels + basic cable channels) you may get 75 channels.  Out of these 75 channels, your residents or customers may only be interested in 20-30 channels, while the other channels are there for the few people that may like them. Any addition of a movie channel (HBO, Cinemax, etc.) or a Premium Sports package (NFL Network, Big 10 Network, etc.) will be an additional fee added for each user, regardless of whether they are interested in the channel or not.

With DIRECTV commercial packages, customers can pick and choose which packages that they wish for their clients.  For example, a nursing home or long term care facility may choose 60 channels that are handpicked by their residents or voted on by their residents and leave out all the unnecessary channels that come with standard cable packages.  While teen channels and MTV may be great for a college campus, these channels are not very popular with senior citizens.

Keeping Residents Costs Down:  When choosing a nursing home or long term care facilities there are many factors that a resident and their family look into before choosing a facility.  Offering commercial cable services at a low rate is something that may be very attractive to a potential customer as watching TV is one of the few things that many of these residents enjoy.  When comparing satellite vs. cable pricing options, satellite is able to offer much lower prices per resident then the cable company.  With many basic packages offered for as low as $4 per resident, DIRECTV programming costs are much easier on the overall budget then cable TV.

Customer Service:  It is really hard to rate customer service as each company has both pros and cons to their customer service department.

Two questions that most business owners want to know is-

  • How long will it take to talk to a human or get a call back?
  • How long before I get service?

When answering these questions it is best to do a trial and error yourself and see the response time.  Call 1-800-890-7770 for SeniorTV (a DIRECTV authorized dealer) and then look up your local cable company and give them a ring.  Ask the two questions above and see what your answer is.  On average DIRECTV and its dealers have been known to be faster, more knowledgeable and quicker to service any type of problem that a customer may have.

When looking at cable vs DIRECTV it is important to look at it from a variety of angles.  One thing to remember is that when you order CNN, you are getting the exact same programming whether it is from cable or DIRECTV.  As a business owner it is important to do what is best for your business to not only keep customers happy, but your bank account happy too.  Customization, customer service and most importantly profitability are reasons why DIRECTV is a clear favorite among businesses nationwide.