Before choosing to install Internet in your business it is important to research cable modem reviews of any type of product that you will be installing.  Not only is the cable modem the most important part of your network, but it is the one that will cost you the most trouble if you don’t pick the right type of modem.  Before looking to install Internet in a nursing home, long term care facility or other type of business we did extensive research into purchasing the best type of modem that we could find.  Below are the 3 most important factors that we looked in to before making the decision.

cable modem reviews

Reliability:  There is no worse call that we get from a facility than “Our Internet service is down and our customers are upset”.  This is where the reliability of the cable modem is of utmost importance.  Buying a reliable modem from a distinguished company is crucial when choosing a cable modem.  Money you may save with buying a cheap knock off brand will definitely come back to hurt you in the long run as the customer service and reliability of these lower grade models will always be an issue.

Compatibility:  As a national company, we deal with hundreds of different commercial Internet service providers around the United States.  It is not only necessary to pick a modem that works with all these different Internet service providers, but also to pick a modem that works with the various types of computers and electronic devices that a person may connect to the modem.

Ease of Use:  One of the most important factors that we looked in to before choosing a “go to” modem for our customers was the ease of use for customers.  With many of our service calls, an administrator or maintenance person may call in and have no previous knowledge on how to fix a cable modem or may not even know what a cable modem does.  With this in mind, we were sure to pick a product that is not only easy to use, but one that could be easily fixed with just a few simple steps.  In fact, for most of our problems with cable modems, the problem came from a worker unplugging a cord by accident or hitting a button that they shouldn’t have.  With this in mind, we were looking for a modem that was easy to troubleshoot by any user.

After reviewing all of these factors we narrowed our choices down to three modems on the market.  Below is our cable modem reviews.  We based each of these reviews from 1 to 5 on a variety of different aspects based on the needs of our clients.

Terayon TJ715X   star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-blankstar-blank

Review:  The Terayon TJ715X was the first modem that we tested and we gave it 3 out of 5 stars.  The best part of this product was that the pricing was cheap on it and the company shipped the units to us very fast.  Outside of these two services this modem performed only average for speed, gave little technical support and was not compatible with all of the different electronics that we tested it on.  Also, the customer service line was not very knowledgeable when we asked them about many of the products that we were trying to hook up to the modem.

Verdict:  If you are running your own home based business or just need a cheap cable modem than this might be the choice for you.  As a company that provides Internet services to a large number of individuals and reliability is the key, we would definitely recommend passing on the Terayon cable modem.

Zoom 5341   star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-blank

Review:  The next cable modem that we tested out was the Zoom 5341 cable modem.  After testing out the Terayon cable modem we were impressed with the speed and compatibility of the Zoom 5341.  The software was easy to work with a variety of electronics and the reliability was great.  Also, when contacting customer service we were able to talk to a knowledgeable native English speaking representative that was able to answer all of our questions.  The one knock that we had on the Zoom cable modem was the user interface.  The user interface was not only hard to figure out, but we had to call customer service back to get some help on resetting a password.  This was done after 10 minutes or so of tinkering by one of our IT staff members.

Verdict:  Fast, reliable and a solid overall cable modem.  One problem that we have as an Internet provider is that the hard to use interface would be almost impossible to figure out for customers that had little computer experience.

Motorola Surfboard 5101   star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full

Review:  The Motorola Surfboard 5101 was the final cable modem that we needed to test to confirm the product that we needed.  As anyone knows who has dealt with Motorola, their customer service is not only very helpful, but extremely knowledgeable on their merchandise.  Easy to set up and easy to use the Motorola Surfboard met all of our expectations.  Speed, ease of use and compatibility with all of the different types of systems that we hooked up to it, made the Motorola cable modem an easy choice for our company.

Verdict:  After only about 15 minutes of testing out the Motorola Surfboard 5101 we all came to the conclusion that this was the best choice for our company.  As an Internet provider for a large number of users at each facility, we felt that the Motorola offered all the options that we were looking for in a cable modem.  Ease of use, speed and cost were all very good for this item and we recommend this to anyone looking to add several modems to their home or business.

With no affiliations to any of these above companies we were able to give honest cable modem reviews. After testing all three modems our staff has come to a consensus that the Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem is the best choice for businesses.   If you are interested in learning more about the Internet options that we provide please visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.