As a provider of DirecTV and other satellite services to nursing homes and assisted living communities across the United States one of the our most important functions is customer service.   Despite a very low rate of performance issues overall, we tend to get our share of technical issues from customers who are having dish issues.

birdog-satelliteOne of the main issues that we get from many of our customers is issues with the satellite connecting with the dish.   For those who don’t know, DirecTV and other satellite based companies receive their signals from various satellites in the sky.   The satellite is then “beamed” through the dish to the customers system.

Finding the Meter Signal 

There are various devices on the market today that help installers set up their satellites and one of the most popular is the Birdog Satellite Meter Signal Locator.  Much like any other piece of electronic equipment all signal finders are not made the same.    One issue that many people using cheap versions often find is that they will have trouble finding a good signal and may not even find a signal at all.

When looking at the various products on the market the one we recommend at SeniorTV is the Birdog model, as it is one that many of our technicians and engineers use on a daily basis when planning out large satellite installs.   The following is a Birdog Satellite Meter Signal Locator review and why we feel that this is one of the best satellite meter locators on the market today for those who own or operate satellite equipment.

Who Can Benefit From the Birdog

While setting up and installing a satellite dish is something that we recommend for professional installers, we advise anyone who operates a large organization to purchase and own a satellite meter signal device to use on their satellites from time to time to make sure that they are getting the best reception possible.

While very little maintenance is necessary when it comes to working with satellite equipment,  one thing that we have seen that is helpful is for each organization to have one person on staff that understands how the satellite works and how to fix minor repairs that may be needed.

When we get a customer service call from the companies we service one of the first questions we often ask the administrators is if they have a satellite meter signal locator.   Often times our technicians can guide administrators though an easy fix over the phone rather than scheduling a service call that could mean downtime for the company and money for the organization.  The Birdog is something that organizations will instantly make back if they read the instructions and find a responsible person to use it.

Why the Professionals Use the Birdog Satellite Meter Signal Locator

When spoke with our technicians to find the best satellite meter signal locator that we could.   Almost unanimously each and every one of our technicians felt that the Birdog was the best product on the market and was something that they highly recommend.   Whether they are working on a multi-unit install or adding one dish to a small nursing home,  our engineers feel that any organization could benefit from owning a Birdog Satellite Finder.

Why Technicians Recommend the Birdog Model

  • Compatible with both DirectTV and Dish models
  • Large customizable database
  • Birdog constantly updates website to get the best signal possible.
  • Finds satellites with Digital Data Stream identifier
  • Two hour battery life
  • Use with SWM technology

Overall Birdog Satellite Meter Signal Locator Review

As installers and technicians to over 1,000 satellite facilities around the United States, SeniorTV is one of the largest private cable companies in the United States.   When we have a question about a product that would help our customers, we first ask our engineers what they recommend.  Without hesitation all of our engineers had high praise for the Birdog Satellite Finder and it was something that they would recommend to any company in the satellite industry.