At SeniorTV we are always trying out and tinkering with the newest products in the senior field.  While we cater to long term care facilities and nursing homes, we also like to keep on top of other happenings in the technology world.  With that being said we have a list of our favorite senior inventions for this year.


senior-inventionsMany great ideas have come to life this year as many senior inventions 2014 have been created and will soon be available to the public. From something as simple as a bike helmet that can fold and fit in your brief case to an invention as complex as an electrical-powered airplane that doesn’t need a runway for takeoff, there are many senior inventions 2014 that have been created this year that could possibly help change the world as we know it. Below are five different inventions created this year for Popular Science’s Invention Awards 2014.

An Electric-Powered Airplane That Lands and Takes Off Vertically

This airplane invention was created by JoeBen Bevirt, and it could save a lot on gas. This is a personal aircraft that can lift off without the use of a runway. This design was inspired by the many aircraft crashes and accidents that occurred during the runway take-off or landing. Although there are not any full-scale prototype designs yet, NASA has taken notice of this aircraft idea and are funding and working on creating a similar craft.

Bike Helmet That Could Be Folded and Put in a Briefcase

Bicycle-riding has recently increased in America for seniors, and this invention has become popular with that crowd. There has been a great emphasis on the idea of convenience with many products and actions in general. This invention would allow people to ride their bikes to school or work and then put away their bicycle helmets in their backpacks or briefcases.

XStat: The Life-Saving Wound Sealer

This is an invention that could save the many lives of policemen, soldiers, or anyone who gets shot and wounded by a bullet. This little pocket-sized miracle contains small, circular sponge pellets that can act as blood clots; they soak up the running blood and help prevent more from coming out. These little sponge pellets could also clean up the wounded area and fight any disease that could cause a serious infection.

The Guitar Wing is a Hand-Sized Electronic Studio

Many times, a studio-playing guitarist has to stop their playing to lean over or bend down to configure or fiddle around with electronic gear. This can prove to be frustrating for many guitarists, especially if it is while they are recording their song on their own. The Guitar Wing allows guitarist to configure whatever electronics they need to, ranging from certain sounds to even controlling the stage lights.


This invention would be considered as a dream come true to many electronics users, especially people who love to use their phones a lot. SolePower can definitely encourage people who love to use their electronics to get out more and take a walk or hike. The power created by taking a simple step can be converted to electrical energy that can ultimately be used to charge USB electronics.