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Best Senior Blogs: 4 of SeniorTV’s favorite senior citizen blogs for 2015

best-senior-blogsWhen it comes to “blogging” or providing information for readers, we at SeniorTV tend to be a fan of many various senior citizen blogs throughout the Internet.   Because of the popularity of social media and the way that individuals can now express their thoughts and feelings for the world to share, more and more people have turned to blogging as a form of communication with others in a niche.   At SeniorTV we blog because we like to stay up to date with our clients, customers and those in our niche, which happens to be seniors.   Besides our blog, we are a fan of a number of senior blogs; here is a list of the best senior blogs that we follow at SeniorTV.

A Place for Mom- :  Much like SeniorTV,  the blog for the site “A Place for Mom” is very senior oriented and geared at giving valuable information for seniors in a wide range of topics.  Originally started as a portal of information for those in the senior field looking to find information on senior care facilities, this website has grown in the last few years to become an all purpose website for those looking to find any type of information in the senior field.

Seniors Aloud-  This blog not only gives fun and insightful articles on a number of senior topics, but also allows readers to submit their own information.   Seniors Aloud was one of the original blogs that added a ton of pictures to each of its articles and also provided many funny and original stories by everyday seniors and not just professional writers.

Margaret & Helen-  What do two best friends do when they have known each other for over 60 years and have a mindful of ideas?   How about create a blog to give advice and share stories with other readers.   Margaret & Helen is one of the first blogs that we followed at SeniorTV and is truly one of the best senior blogs we have found.   Margaret & Helen offer their “two cents” on a number of topics and many of their stories truly remind us of two senior ladies talking to each other.   We highly recommend Margaret & Helen for seniors that are looking to get a good laugh or point of view from two ladies that speak their mind.

Everyone is Aging? –  One thing that can really be depressing for seniors is the amount of negativity that can take place at a nursing home or other type of senior care facility.   With death, discomfort and surrounded by many negative people this can truly be a fast way to death if one becomes depressed.  “Everyone is Aging? Blog”   Is the opposite of that in that it truly paints senior living as a great change in life.  Offering helpful advice and positive stories, this blog is among the best that we have found and truly is a great distraction if one is around negativity day in and day out.