With our recent article covering LCD TVs we now shift on our focus on our efforts on our results for the “Best LED TV 2013”.  As with any of our TVs that we install and sell, there is much thought put into the process.   As a provider of private cable in nursing homes and long term care facilities our goal is to find the best possible TV for a specific customer, ours is for the senior citizen.

We are often asked: What is a LED TV? Basically a LED TV is an LCD TV with a couple of key additions added to it.  The main addition which makes the product a LED is the lighting used for the TV.  Traditional LCD TVs use fluorescent tubes to light the screen, while LED TVs use “LED backlighting” to light up the screen.  The difference between the two is that the LED screen tends to make black darker and illuminate the other colors more than the traditional LCD TVs.

What we did

Over the years we have installed thousands of TVs in facilities around the United States.  One thing that was a major issue with our service technicians was that a majority of the service calls that we were getting were due to problems with individual customer’s TVs.  With this in mind, we have tested dozens of different types of TVs looking for the best LCD TV for our specific demographic.

After months of testing and working with a variety of manufactures we decided to go a different route and enter the TV market.  Working with engineers and a variety of experienced people in the TV industry, we created the TV model to fit our needs.

We have created the 32” LED Commercial Grade TV designed for seniors.  Listed below is our new TV compared to some of the other models that we were testing against.

The TVs

TV #1

SeniorTV 32″ LED TV:  Our commercial grade TV was designed specifically for our clientele, senior citizens and other customers living in community type environments.

TV #2

LG 32″ LED TV:  As a big supporter of LG, we chose to use their 32″ model as a comparison vs. our newly created product.  LG is a well respected TV maker and is one of the leaders of the LED TV revolution.

TV #3
VIZIO 32″ LED TV:  Vizio is known to appeal to those who are looking for a solid TV without paying a big price.  For the demonstration we chose to use Vizio, as this is also a well respected brand.

TV #4

Samsung 32″ TV:  Samsung is a household name and this is the main reason why we chose the Samsung model.  While not known for making the best TVs, they still are a big name in the LCD market. We chose to use a LCD model to compare the differences between LED and LCD.

Side by Side Comparison


The picture to the right shows a side by side comparison with our specially designed “Senior TV” compared to 3 other leading TVs.  The picture to the right shows our 32″ LED TV (under the red arrow)compared to a LG, Vizio and Samsung model of similar size.   Using this comparison in our home office we were able to show customers how our compares to similar 32″ TVs.   Here are a couple of reasons why we have chosen our model as the Best LED TV 2013.

Colors:  With a 720p HD Resolution, the SeniorTV LED TV colors and clarity are much greater than the other TVs in our comparison.  This TV is great for those users that have trouble with their sight, as the LED lights up the screen and makes the picture much clearer than the other models. If you look closely at the picture, you can see how the colors of the SeniorTV model LED TV are very vibrant and easy to see from a difference than the other TVs.  Also, the words on the bottom and sides of the screen are much easier to read than the other models in the comparison.

Sound:  Unfortunately one of the main things that we have to consider when installing TVs in our facilities is audio.  Due to the many hearing issues that our customers have, we had our engineers design an audio system that was not only clear, but also had the capability to be very loud.

Reflection: Perhaps the biggest difference that we noticed among the TVs in our comparison was the reflection. If you notice that on the SeniorTV, the amount of light that is reflected on the screen is very minimal compared to the other screens.  This is very important if you are placing the TV in a part of a room that has a lot of sunlight exposure or many lights in the room.

Warranty:  One problem we found with many of the TVs that we tested or sold in the past is that they would work fine for a year or so and then eventually have an issue.  With our LED TVs we offer a 2 year limited parts and labor warranty and will send you a replacement TV is there are any issues during this time period.

Extras:  Keeping up with the newest technology we decided to have our engineers add a USB slot along with 3 HDMI slots to our LED TV.  These slots allow users the freedom to insert a variety of devices for viewing of pictures, computer hookup or adding any type of electronic device that they wish.

Overall the choice of the Best LED TV 2013 has gone to our very own “SeniorTV” 32” LED TV.  With our customers in mind, we have created a TV that not only is customized for the senior citizen in mind, but also available at a very affordable price.  If you are interested in learning more about our TVs or private cable systems that we offer please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770 or visit us online at www.seniortv.com.