With the heart of our business being installation of commercial cable, we take pride in finding the best TVs for our customers each and every year. While we sell and install many different types of TVs, this article will focus on the best LCD TVs. With this in mind, we have chosen the winners for our “Best LCD TV 2013”.

The problem that we were finding with many facilities was that many of their customers were complaining of poor picture quality compared to the other TVs in the facility.  This was mainly due to poor selection of TVs.  With this being said, we have gone out of our way to search for the best possible LCD TVs for our customers.

One of the problems that people have when searching for the best LCD TV is what model to choose.   With the flat panel TV market explosion over the last 10 years, the number of manufacturers entering the HD TV market has grown tremendously.  With this recent growth, there have been a plethora of bad LCD TVs put out on the market.  With this in mind we have bought, tested and utilized many different types of TVs.  With our targeted market in mind, senior citizens and the elderly, we have taken into consideration what is most wanted in a TV.   For seniors, the two most important factors in choosing a TV is the ability to see a clear picture and hear the TV clearly.  With this in mind, we have chosen the best possible LCD TVs to fit these needs.  Out of all the models that we have tested, these two LCD TVs have been our most popular choice among nursing homes and long term care administrators nationwide.

Best LCD TV 2013

Best Lobby LCD TV55” LG LCD (55LD520C)

best lcd tv lobby

When entering a nursing home or long term care facility the first thing that one usually sees is the large lobby TV.  Having a large clear picture TV in the lobby is not only important for the current residents, but it is a representation of your facility in general as it shows that you care about your residents.  This HD TV offers full 1080p HD quality and is among the best picture qualities in the 55” category that we have found.   Many nursing homes that we work with have chosen to install this large TV in various parts of their facility and have utilized the MessageNOW community channel software to keep their residents up to date with events going on throughout the day.   With this 55” LG model, residents are able to clearly see this model and have raved about how well the High Definition looks on this TV.

Runner Up: Philips 55-inch LCD HDTV

Running a close second to the LG TV is the Phillips 55 inch HDTV.  After testing these two models we have come to the conclusion that this model is a great 55 inch LCD TV, but is better suited for a younger crowd.  The clarity and lighting were very close to the LG model that we picked as a winner, but we feel that the audio is not quite as good as the LG TV.   Adding a sound system to this would probably level the playing field with the winner of this category.  While still a great TV, this is not quite suited for our clients as the other model.

Best Patient Room LCD TV32” LG LCD Widescreen HDTV (32LG3DCH)

best lcd tv 2013 in room

The patient room LCD winner is the 32” LG Model.  With our “bread and butter” being the installation of private cable in each and every room of a facility, this model is our choice for the best in-room LCD TV.   Doing a side-by-side comparison with several other LCD TVs, this LG model was chosen as the best TV for the senior citizen demographic.  With a large clear screen and great speakers, this model blew away the competition during our LCD TV comparisons.   This model comes in three different sizes (22”, 26”, and 32”) and comes with a 1366 x 768 display resolution, which is superior for a TV in this size range.

Runner Up: Toshiba 32-Inch LCD HDTV

Running a close second in our comparison is the Toshiba LCD HDTV.  While priced a little cheaper than the previous model, the difference is obvious in the models.  In a side-by-side comparison the color of HD channels shows a clear advantage to the LG model, while both show excellent sound for their size.  We think that this would also be a good choice for a dorm room or a kids bedroom, rather than a nursing home facility.

As companies come and go in the HD TV market it is our responsibility to find the best TVs for our customers.  As we enter a new year we have selected the two models above as our winners for the “Best LCD TV 2013”.   At SeniorTV we take pride in not only providing the best private cable installation around, but also researching and providing the best possible TVs for our customers.  If you are interested in learning more about the LCD TVs that we offer, please call us at 1-800-890-7770 or visit us online at www.seniortv.com .