With the arrival of the cooler temperatures of fall, it is a perfect time for a fun vacation. Being retirement age does not mean only sitting at home being sedentary. At SeniorTV we try to keep our readers informed and up to date on trends that are currently popular among senior citizens. More and more seniors are enjoying an active lifestyle, rather than sitting at home during the fall season.  Here is a list of our favorite fall vacation spots for seniors.

New England –

Heading up the list of top destinations are the states of New England. The autumn months offer breathtaking foliage and seasonal activities. During the day, there are guided foliage tours. For the more adventurous set out on your own hike or drive to enjoy the colors of nature. After a day of taking in the picturesque views, it is time to relax. When the cool of evening begins to settle in try a delicious wine and cheese tasting to round out your day. A fall vacation here will be full of nature’s glory and activities to enhance the enjoyment of autumn.

vacation-spotsHawaii –

Some are surprised by the second choice for best fall vacation spots for seniors. No matter what your passions or interests the spectacular islands of Hawaii has something for everyone. The climate in the islands is always gorgeous fall is no exception. Some options on your vacation are just relaxing on one of the many excellent beaches. For more excitement, try snorkeling or scuba diving. Visitors can immerse themselves in the Hawaiian rain forests. There you can hike or drive through thousands of species of flora and fauna. Try spicing up your evening with a romantic sunset dinner or an evening cruise to cap off your day.

Disney World –

Last on the list of the best fall vacation spots for seniors is Disney World in Florida. The return of children to school in addition to more comfortable temperatures make it the perfect time of year to visit. Disney World will be less crowded and easier to enjoy without the summer time heat. Some will argue the “Happiest place on Earth” is for young people only, not true. Senior citizens can get wonderful deals on vacation packages. It is also the perfect destination to go with your children and grandchildren. It gives the chance to experience the theme parks and spend quality time with your family.

These three top picks for senior citizens fall travel destinations are all diverse and exciting destinations. One of these fall trips is a chance for seniors to make memories and enjoy life to its fullest. They are the perfect way to stay active, healthy and healthy into those golden years.


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