A message channel is a way that two parties are able to communicate.  Simply put, they are a way for one end to receive or give information to another party.  Used as a form of communication, these can be extremely valuable for businesses that need to distribute information across a large facility such as a nursing home, prison, hotel or any type of large resident based facility.

SeniorTV  has become the number one leader for private message channels for nursing homes and other large resident based facilities over the last twenty years.  With their state of the art MessageNOW system, administrators can keep their residents up to date with an easy to use messaging system.  This system is implemented on a Windows based PC and is very easy to implement for anyone with basic computer skills.

How are they used?

  • Important Announcements:  A common use for this type of system is to forward important announcements to residents or customers across a facility.  A good example for this would be announcing flu shots for residents or an important birthday.
  • Daily Menus:  One of the most important social hours of the day for residents in a nursing home facility is when they get to eat with their fellow residents.   By displaying the daily lunch or dinner menu in a facility, administrators give their residents a chance to know what they are eating and something to look forward to during the day.
  • Activity Schedules:  With so many activities going on in one day, residents often forget the time and room number for a certain activity.  By displaying a “daily activity messages” on their TVs, residents can keep track of what activities are scheduled each day.

Besides being used in a variety of residential healthcare fmessage channelacilities, SeniorTV’s MessageNOW system can be utilized as a community channel in almost any type of large business environment.  The number one reason why message channels are beneficial for your business is because it increases and makes communication more efficient.  As companies grow to bigger sizes with more employees, communication becomes harder.  There are parts of the company that may never see or interact with other employees in the company.  Here are some of the important factors that increase when communication is running smoothly in a business.

Trust and security: Your employees will trust other departments and feel a sense of security when it comes to working with other people in the company.  When communication is more efficient, they will feel less of a need to check with other departments for fact checks or to meet standards.  The employees will also feel more secure delegating tasks to employees if they have communicated with them, know who they are, and feel as though they are a part of a community with one another.

Customer Service: Another part of your business that will benefit from increased communication is customer service.  Your business will be better equipped to solve problems if there is solid communication between different departments.

Efficiency and productivity: Your business can also become more efficient if you have good communication.  For example, a customer service representative may be able to solve a problem faster if they have already communicated with a department and know who they should talk to and why.

Community: Communication within a business can also make employees feel as though they are a part of a bigger community.  The employees will start to work together versus working against one another.  A sense of community can make employees enjoy their jobs more and be willing to help each other out.

Tips businesses should follow when they are using a channel in order to communicate:

Keep things short and sweet- It is better if you leave “fluff” out and keep things straight forward.  This will minimize the risk that someone does not understand what you are trying to say.

Keep culture in mind- Remember you are working with a variety of individuals when displaying messages and they are who you are serving.   Keep any message off of your system that may offend a gender, culture or lifestyle choice.

A clear message- In addition to keeping your message short, managers should make sure that their message is clear by using vocabulary and sayings that everyone will understand.  Use acronyms or catch phrases that older clientele may not understand is not a good idea for display on your messaging system.

Overall the use of a message channel has become a great form of communication among a variety of different businesses.  Being able to display and send information to a large group of people is crucial to running an efficient company.