Hot Key Switch

You can select which computer to operate through hot key commands. Note that it will take 1-2 seconds for the video to display after switching. This is due to the refresh of the video signal. A re-synchronization of the mouse and keyboard signal also takes place. This is normal operation and ensures that proper synchronization is established. You can conveniently change ports on the Switch through a keyboard command sequence using the “SCROLL LOCK” key and up and down arrow keys. To send commands to the Switch, press the“SCROLL LOCK” key twice within two seconds.

You will hear a beep for confirmation. Then you can press the up or down arrow keys to switch between ports.


  • Switch to next active port,up arrow
  • Switch to previous active port,down arrow

Manual Button

You can manually toggle between the two computers by pressing the button on the left side of the switch (the button is highlighted in red.)

Belkin KVM