As more and more baby boomers hit their golden years, the way of long term care facilities is changing to meet these needs.  With this change in eras comes an increase of more and more technology and change in how LTC facilities should be run.

The plain fact is that the way facilities were run in the 1980s and 1990s must change and these LTC facilities must now conform to the needs of this new generation of residents.  Let’s take a look at some of these baby boomer technological needs that LTC facilities must prepare for in the future.

baby-boomer-technologySocial Media: The Internet has gone from a bonus to LTC facilities in the 1990s to a “must have” for facilities today.  All of the state of the art LTC facilities must offer both wireless and wired Internet connections to their rooms or they will be left out of many customers.  The baby boomers technological needs far surpass any of the previous generation and some will flat out ignore a facility that does not have wireless and wired Internet access in each and every room.

An Attractive Website: While in years past LTC facilities were mostly found via word of mouth or from visiting local homes in the areas, most LTC facilities are now found online via their website.  Having an attractive website along with a good “online reputation” is very important as this is the first step that potential residents and their family members will use when searching for a possible placement.  Poor web design for many potential residents equals poor quality of service within the facility.

Online Education: One of the things that have become a growing trend in LTC facilities throughout the United States is an increase in online education and continuing education classes.  While yesterday’s patient may be happy just playing checkers with fellow residents and reading the news, many members of the baby boomer generation are engaged in lifelong learning.  Facilities offering education classes, courses and training will have the edge in gaining clients.

Cell Phone Accessibility: Many older facilities are having troubles due to problems with phone service within their building.  If you have noticed the trend in America today, almost everyone now has a cellular phone and they use them constantly throughout the day.  LTC facilities that were built in old structures that block cellular signals must make construction changes to adapt to resident using cell phones in their buildings.

Message Display: A few years back when working in one of our long term care facilities we were asked about the administrator about the options for having some type of message display feature on the TVs in the lobby.  While we weren’t sure about the options at the time, we did what we do best; build a software system to help our clients.  The MessageNOW software program is cutting edge technology that keeps all members of a LTC building on the same page by providing custom displays throughout the facility.  Baby boomers love to keep informed of what is going on in their facility and this messaging system is one piece of technology that keeps them informed on anything and everything that is happening in their facility.

Overall baby boomers and technology go hand in hand in one another as this group has fully embraced our new technological times.  The technology advances above are just a few that help keep Long Term Care facilities relevant and ahead of the game when it comes to recruiting new clients.