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Baby Boomer Health Tips

One thing about getting older is that many of the workouts that you did in your teens and 20s now become much harder to do as you get older.   Besides the intensity of workouts, things such as jobs, kids and injuries can get in the way of baby boomer’s exercise plan.  With this in mind, we suggest that you try some of these important baby boomer health tips to keep yourself in the best shape that you can no matter what life may throw at you.   At BodyMechanix we have seen a recent increase in the amount of baby boomers looking to get on track; hopefully these easy steps will help you support your all around fitness goals.

baby-boomer-health-tipsWalk More:  Whether it is parking in the back of the parking lot instead of the front, or take the stairs instead of the elevator, we recommend that adding walking to your daily activity is a great way to help you keep in shape.  One thing that we recommend everyone to buy,  baby boomers or not is some type of device that keeps track of how much you have walked in a given day.  For the days when you know you have walked a lot, it is wise to try and remember things that you did that day so that you can try to duplicate that success.

When walking it is always wise to walk at a brisk pace and to keep walking without stopping.   If you have to stop for some reason or the other, walking or marching in place may be a good alternative depending on what type of environment you are in.

Eat Less:  By far one of the hardest things for baby boomers to do is to cut out the foods that they have eaten their whole life.  Being creatures of habit, humans enjoy eating some of the same foods week in and week out and usually have a group of maybe 20-30 foods that they eat consistently throughout the year.  With that being said, many of these foods may not be the best for you so it is important to eat less of them.

One good rule we give to people trying to lose weight and who refuse to give us some of their bad food is for them to split their meal in half.   For instance if you are someone that just can’t go out your weekly fast food chicken sandwich, French fries and Diet Soda, we recommend still getting that but only eating half of it and perhaps saving the other half for a few hours later or the next day.   Gradually eating smaller amounts will help your body consume fewer calories and help you reach your target weight.

De-stress more:  Stress can be the #1 killer of good health for baby boomers.  If there is one tip we suggest following out of the three above, this may be the best one for you.   The daily grind of life, getting older and worrying about things that you never had to worry about when you are getting young, are all things that add stress to life.   It is important to find activities and people that will remove stress from your life.   For those who are in stressful relationships, it may be wise to get counseling or even cut ties with the person who is causing this stress.  Many people know they have daily stress, but often end up with major health issues because they don’t address these issues in time.

As baby boomers have now entered the stage where they are senior citizens, many of them must take conscience steps to better their health.   Everyone knows that eating, exercise and less stress play huge factors in controlling what type of life you may have.  Use these tips above and some simple common sense and you will find yourself much healthier for it.