When one thinks of nursing homes and assisted living centers they often picture older residents walking or riding their wheelchairs throughout the facility.  While this is still very common, the age for residents is on the decline overall as more and more younger people than ever have started living at assisted living facilities across the United States.

Assisted Living TechnologyAccording to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services the number of under 65 residents living in assisted living communities has risen 22% over the last eight year to over 203,000.  This has to do with a variety of reasons such as closures of mental health facilities, medical advances for traumatic injuries, and various other reasons that have caused a spike in the population of younger residents.

Addressing the Assisted Living Technology Needs of the Younger Crowd

One important factor that comes along with younger residents is the need for technology.  While nursing homes and assisted living centers of the past could get away with a few board games, decks of cards and a TV or two, the new age of assisted living facilities cannot offer that or their business will decline.

Two things that are almost a necessity in every assisted living room for patients is a connection to the Internet and Cable Choices.

How Assisted Living Communities Fall Behind

At SeniorTV we keep our eye not only on the changing field of the assisted living and nursing home community, but also on the world of technology.  Over the past 10 years or so we have seen many facilities come and go and it is usually a result of not satisfying their customers.  Poor food, bad workers and old technology are some of the main areas that were mentioned whenever we spoke to patients that have either moved assisted living facilities or chosen a different living environment.

How Assisted Living Technology Equals Business

Many of the administrators have mentioned that technology is often the selling point for their potential residents.  The facts are that many of these patients have little to no access to the outside world and use the Internet and Cable TV as their outlet to the world.  Without the ability to continue with the technology that the person had before joining the assisted living community, the resident will often decline services if these needs can’t be met.

With this in mind, many of our current customers have used our modern technological products such as MessageNOW a and PlaybackNOW as selling points when giving tours for potential residents and their families.

The Future of Assisted Living Communities

While one cannot predict what the future holds for assisted living facilities, common sense shows that they will continue to grow in popularity.  As the average age of the assisted living resident is on the decline, the need for better technology is on the rise.  As technology grows it is important for facilities to keep an eye on what their clients want as something as simple as not having a quality Internet service or the right Cable TV channels can mean the difference between having clients or having empty rooms.