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Assisted Living : 5 Things You May Not Know About Assisted Living

One of the common misconceptions that families often find out when researching assisted living facilities is that they are all the same.  While some may have similarities, there are not specific criteria that all assisted living communities must have unlike other forms of senior housing.  The need for assisted living came from the past generation nursing homes that almost felt like an eerie hospital to families that visited.  While some of these old fashioned nursing homes still exist, many are become more traditional and catering to active seniors.    With that being said, let’s look into some assisted living facts and misconceptions that many people may have about assisted living facilities in general.


Assisted Living is Generally Cheaper Than Nursing Homes:  Because assisted living communities usually offer less constant supervision than nursing homes, they tend to run cheaper.  Most people who use assisted living will often pay out of their own pocket for these expenses.   Many low income seniors can use the Veterans Administration and other organizations to help them get cheaper payments on their communities.   Check out the website to see if there are any financing options that you may qualify for in your area.

Almost all Assisted Living facilities allow Pets:   Unlike many nursing homes where pets are prohibited due to issues with falls and cleanup, almost all assisted living facilities allow seniors to bring pets.   In fact many assisted living facilities own their own pets and use these as therapy for their patients as they are allowed to be with them and take them on walks.    Many seniors choose assisted living for the sole purpose of being able to bring pets to their place of living.

More Assisted Living Facilities are Specializing in Groups:  One of the most intriguing assisted living facts that we are seeing is more and more facilities are catering to specific groups of people, whether it be race, religion or interests.   Asian assisted living, Latino assisted living and Jewish assisted living centers are some of the most popular types of assisted living centers that are opening in areas around the United States where the population is large in these certain groups.  Many people choose to go to these groups as they often offer cultural and religious aspects that many other assistive living communities will not offer.

Assisted Living has Many Specialists:  A larger percentage of assisted living communities hire a host of different specialists that work in various areas.   Dementia, diabetes, depression and weight loss are just a few of the most common problems that plague seniors.  Assisted Living communities will often hire specialists in each of these areas and have these specialists work with the patients.

Assisted Living is Showing Huge Growth:  More and more seniors are choosing assisted living over other kinds of living facilities.   In fact because of the rise in popularity among assisted living centers, more and more are opening daily around the United States.    Many people choose assisted living because it makes them feel less dependent on others when compared to other forms of housing.

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