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Adult Day Care Services: Is Adult Day Care Services a Good Choice For Your Loved One?

The shift of senior housing has changed tremendously since we first started installing television into nursing homes over 25 years ago.   One of the most popular adult programs that have grown substantially in the last decade is adult day care services.  Unlike nursing homes and other residential services that the patient can live at full-time, adult day care services is more of helping hand to seniors who have trouble completing daily tasks.   There are two models of adult day care services that appeal to different needs, these are social and medical.  In the following article we will take a look into adult day care services,  costs and other aspects that can help you educate yourself on whether this is a good choice for your loved one.

adult-day-care-service-bulk-tvAdult Day Care Services for Social–   Adult day care services for social needs are programs that are mostly aimed at seniors who are widowed.   While the main focus for these programs is to develop senior programs that encourage seniors to meet and enjoy time with each other, many of these “social” adult day care programs offer some health care aspects.   Typically these programs offer various types of therapy, counseling and educational programs for seniors and some even offer transportation to and from the facility.  For those that don’t offer transportation, many offer free bus passed or have arrangements with some type of transportation service that is available for their clients.   Besides social programs, many of these services offer meals to the seniors and take seniors on field trips on a regular basis.

Adult Day Care Services for Medical– While many adult day care services offer social programs, the majority of these programs are to help seniors with assistance they may need with medical issues.   The goal of an adult day care program for seniors with medical needs is to assist seniors in any medical or physical issues that they may have and cannot perform on their own.  Many seniors, who live with their children, will often go to adult day care services in the day time to help them with their toileting, feeding, medication and walking.   These programs usually offer registered nurses, rehabilitative services, physical, occupational and speech therapists that are all on site.

Costs & Payments– While fees vary depending on where you live at in the United States, the average median cost for adult day care services is around $40 per day depending on the needs of the individual.  Adult day care services for medical are usually higher than this amount, why those just needing a social setting can be lower.   Most of these adult day care centers offer Medicare and Medicaid, while others offer financial aid and assistance for those in need.

Making the choice of whether or not to send a loved one to adult day care services can be a tough decision for a family.  For those who are widowed and seem lonely, this is often a great way for seniors to find friends and/or a boyfriend or girlfriend.    For those who have medical issues and have their needs met at night time,  adult day care services that focus on medical issues might be the best option as it is much cheap than a full-time nursing home facility and offers much more flexibility.