The default folder for pictures in PlaybackNOW is located at C:Program FilesPlaybackNOWPictures

When PlaybackNOW is installed it creates two shortcuts on your desktop named Music and Pictures.  If you don’t have these shortcuts you can create new ones by going to C:Program FilesPlaybackNOW and right clicking on each folder, then clicking Send to –> click Desktop.

To transfer pictures from a USB drive.

1)  Put your USB Flash drive into the front of your computer.

2)  Click “Open folder to view files

3)  Right click on the folder that has your files in it.

4)  Click Copy

5)  Go to your desktop and double click on the Pictures shortcut to open up your PlaybackNOW pictures folder

6)  Right click in a white area inside the folder and click Paste

7)  Your pictures are now accessible for PlaybackNOW and will display in the slideshow after you restart PlaybackNOW

To transfer pictures from the internet.

1)  Open Internet Explorer.

2)  In the address field type

3)  Click on the “Images” tab.

4)  In the search field type a word that describes the type of picture you are looking for, and click search or hit enter.

5)  Next, a screen displaying all the pictures that match your search will come up.

6)  Choose the picture you would like to put into your PlaybackNOW slide show.

7)  Right-click on the picture you have chosen, and click “Save picture as“.

8)  Now save the picture in “C:Program FilesPlaybackNOWPictures

9)  Your picture will now be displayed in the PlaybackNOW slide show next time you run it.