Commercial Satellite TV by SeniorTV

SeniorTV has specialized in providing commercial satellite TV service nationally to nursing home, assisted living, senior living facilities as well as 55 and older and retirement communities for over 25+ years. 

SeniorTV has seen a lot of technical changes and watched several other wholesale & bulk cable tv companies come and go. With every new technology, new players come, a few last, but most end up fading away. We take pride in our reputation for high quality engineering and using well-respected components but we take even greater pride in our high business ethics and dedication to customer satisfaction.

In a field of changing technologies, keeping our eye on the ball to what is in the best interest of the customer takes precedence. With nearly a thousand long-term care customers spanning 46 states using our private cable and DirecTV commercial satellite along with high speed internet services, we offer the real deal of what realistically can be done in our customer’s best interest.

Because we have the knowledge base and experience staffed at SeniorTV, we can offer sound advice and consult on solutions needed backed by years of service.

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Why SeniorTV?

Commercial satellite TV  for Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, 55+ and Retirement Home Communities.

Quality cable TV is important to your residents and their quality of life. Crystal clear pictures, reliable service and a selection of interesting channels is needed. SeniorTV understands this as we’ve been providing service exclusively to senior communities for over 25 years. No one understands the needs of your residents better than us. And no one understands your operations better than us and how low cost cable TV alternatives may be utilized. When it comes to an apples to apples comparison, no one does it less expensively than SeniorTV.

We specialize in low cost private cable / satellite TV service as an alternative to the cable company. When you compare prospective vendors and look behind the sales and marketing gimmicks, no one can deliver a better, more reliable, and low cost service than SeniorTV. CNN, A&E and TNT are the same; it is how those channels get from the source at Point A to Point B into your residents’ TVs that counts and what options will make this a total beneficial solution. The wholesale programming costs are the same to all–there is no free lunch–with a consistent savings that averages about 70% off retail.

Times and technology continue to change with digital options, high definition and more. Resident viewing needs also evolve. SeniorTV has the options needed to keep residents happy and on the forefront of technology as needed. With our background and depth of knowledge in this industry we look out for our customers best interest and what makes sense for them over the long run. Was it the best idea to buy that $4,000 plasma 42″ TV now when 2 years year later a $900 LCD 42″ did the same thing? We look out for you with any recommendation.

Reimbursement cutbacks and reduced funding affects healthcare operations everywhere. Where can money be saved without impacting quality of life? What income sources lie in front of you but haven’t been tapped? Let our experienced team of healthcare specialists provide recommendations. We’re not Fast Freddy the quick quote marketer, and not Billy Bob working out of his garage. We’re serious about saving you money the right way. We’ve been here, done that, and will be here for the long haul.