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8 Cool Senior Gadgets for 2016

As more and more seniors are moving to nursing home and retirement communities, the way they spend their free time is also becoming different.  While many seniors still enjoy traditional card games and other board games with each other, the tech world has taken over senior living.   The cool thing about these gadgets is that many of them have an easy learning curve and are a great way for seniors to spend their down time.   Let’s take a look at 8 cool senior gadgets for 2016.

Drones–   Drones are a fun way that more and more seniors spend their free time.   Not only are drones becoming much cheaper,   decent ones running from around $100,  they are also a great way to spend an afternoon.

Edyn Garden Sensor–   For those who enjoy planting and gardening,  which is a huge hobby in nursing homes and senior communities,  there is the Edyn Garden Sensor and Water Valve,  this “smart” gadget lets seniors find the best places to plant and fertilize their plants.  The sensor not only analyzes everything in the ground, but also analyzes the air above for optimal gardening conditions.

Sound bars–   While many think of traditional nursing homes as a bed and an old TV, some seniors are turning their senior living quarters into cool home theaters.  One of the coolest senior gadgets is the Fidelio B5 Surround Soundbar.   This device turns a regular room into a home theater with a couple of clicks of a button.

GoPro–   GoPros and other cameras are a great way for seniors to record their activities without have to steady their phones with their hands.  Many seniors enjoy putting these on a helmet when they bike ride or setting them down outside when they are recording something that they enjoy.

Noke Padlock–   Many senior centers are equipped with gyms and local fitness centers that seniors go to on a regular basis.  One thing that often goes first with seniors is memory and remembers a simple 3 digit code on a lock is the last thing on one’s mind.   The Noke is an awesome gadget that enables users to open and close it with a click from their smart phone.   Great for all ages, this is especially useful for seniors who may have dementia or early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

One Hand Can Opener–   Simple things such as washing dishes and opening hands can become troublesome as one ages.   The Zyliss Easican is one senior gadget that can help when it comes to opening cans.  This cheap senior gadget lets users open cans without the hassles of turning and squeezing with a cheap can opener.

alarm-pill-boxAlarming Pill Boxes–   When it comes to remembering things to do on a daily basis, one thing many seniors have to worry about each and every day is taking their pills.  With an alarming pill box they don’t have to worry anymore as these pill boxes are set to ring several times a day whenever the user needs their pills.

Single- Button Cellphones – Made for both children and seniors are easy to use one button cellphones.  These are great emergency phones that a senior can keep on them at all times to help them alert a loved one or 911 if there is an emergency.  Many seniors become stranded as a result of a fall with no ability to get a hold of anyone and not enough strength to move them.

These are just a few of the many cool senior gadgets that are used by seniors each and every day.  At SeniorTV we are the #1 provider of technology to the senior community and have been that way for over 25 years.   If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer, please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.