One of the first things that seem to go is a senior’s immune system.  Especially for seniors that move from climate to another the immune system can often not handle changes that come with a new environment.   With that being said, there are ways that seniors can strengthen their immune system.  Below are our pics for helping the senior’s immune system.

  1. Exercise:  Exercise is not just for the young, as it is important to the daily life of a senior.   Brisk walking, weight training and cardiovascular exercises are just a few ways that seniors can stay in shape as they get older.  We recommend at least 30 minutes a day of some type of physical activity and possibly more if one can handle it.
  2. Reduce Stress:  Stress is perhaps the number one problem that affects seniors as they have a lot on their plate.  As families grow larger, more and more problems occur that take a toll on the grandparents.  Also the stresses of moving to a nursing home or long term care facility can play a big role in speeding up the aging process.  It is wise for a person to take care of themselves and find stress reducing activities to help them out throughout their daily life.
  3. Wash hands:  More and more germs are spread through doorknobs and dirty counters than ever.   One of the problems too within the nursing home environment is the amount of illnesses that occur at one time.  It is wise to not only wash your hands as much as possible, but to carry around some disinfection wipes to wipe down things that you will touch.
  4. Stay Positive:  One cannot state how important staying positive on a daily basis can have on a life.   For some of the important reasons to stay positive you can click here to get an insight on the power of positive thought.
  5. Take supplements:   For all the vitamins and minerals that you may not get in your diet there are supplements that can help you reach your dietary goals.   Talk with a nutritionist to get an idea of what supplements may help you or that you may need to keep your immune system intact.
  6. Eat Better:   If you have been living on processed foods your whole life it is time to make a change.  Do it slowly by adding some fruits and vegetables that you enjoy to your daily diet and work more and more on trying new ones too.
  7. Sleep:  As we age we tend to need more sleep than we did in our middle age years.   If you are getting less than 8 hours of sleep a night it is wise to go to bed earlier or take a nap during the day, you will see an increase in your immune system from this small change in your daily routine.

Strengthening the senior immune system is something that will help you in whatever environment that you may need.   At SeniorTV our focus is on seniors and we have built our brand about educating and providing services for seniors across the United States.  To learn more about what we offer you can give us a call at 1-800-890-7770 or visit us online at