As we have now entered 2015, the term “App” has no longer become a foreign term for seniors across the world.   Almost any place that you go in public; you will find senior citizens using phone applications along with the rest of the world.  There are many great apps for seniors and we would like to update our list for the best senior apps for 2015.   We touched on apps previously, but this is an updated list focusing more on apps that were created recently to help seniors.  Here is SeniorTV’s list of the 7 best free senior apps for 2015.

senior-appsFind my iPad:  Many seniors (and almost all ages) are very forgetful in where they put their phone or tablet at from time to time.   Equipping your iPad with a GPS tracker from the Find my iPad app will not only help you find you’re device that you may have misplaced, but also help to track it down in case it gets stolen.

MedWatcher:  Medwatcher is a revolutionary application for seniors as it allows them to keep track of medical appointments and other health issues on your own.  This app will not only remind you of when your medical appointments are or when to take your pills, but it will also give you access to an online community to ask questions that you may have concerning your health and well-being.

Luminosity Brain Trainer: Nothing promotes brain health like keeping it functioning with mental health exercises.  Luminosity Brain Trainer is equipped with 35 daily training sessions that help seniors keep their brains working during the day.

AllRecipes:  For those who love to cook and create new recipes, the AllRecipes cooking app is one of the best free recipe apps on the market.   Not only can seniors find recipes, but they can also take this app with them to the grocery store and shop for supplies without having to create a handwritten list.

Paper by FIFTYTHREE: For those seniors who like to handwrite their grocery lists or anything else, we recommend the Paper by FIFTYTHREE application.   One of the most popular free senior apps for 2015, this app lets users use their tablet as a notebook for writing and storing information.

iBooks:  Apple’s version of Amazon’s Kindle is the iBooks App.  The difference between iBooks and the Kindle, is that iBooks lets your work with PDFs which you can sync via iTunes or from your e-mail.

Google Docs:  Google Docs allows seniors the ability to pull up cloud based documents and files that they save to their home or work PC.  With the invention of the Google Drive over the last few years, the need for a USB device to carry around has become a thing of the past.  Seniors love this app because they can store almost anything that they need in a “cloud” and not have to worry about toting around extra things during the day.