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7 Senior Housing Questions You Should Ask Before Moving In

With a good sales pitch and a decent website, it is common for people to sign their loved ones up for senior living without hesitation.   At SeniorTV we have worked in and serviced thousands of nursing homes and other senior living communities across America and we see a huge difference between the quality of life in many of these units.   Our advice is to do multiple tours and ask questions before committing yourself or a loved one to a senior facility.  Here is a list of 7 senior housing questions you should ask before moving in to a senior facility.

  1. What are the monthly cost and payment policies of your facility? Many times homes will try to lure you into a home with lavish tours, great sales talks and many other tricks. The bottom lines for the majority of people is what the price is and how will you accept payment.   Knowing ALL the costs up front are very important and something that should be on the table immediately.
  2. What is the staff to patient ratio? Many homes will often have poor staff to patient ratio to cut costs and this can be a major issue to a needy patient.   It is important to find a home that has a low staff to patient ratio during the day and night, as this can become a major issue if your loved one needs help during the night.
  3. Do you have nurses on staff around the clock? Many people with a good staff to patient ratio will often fill the home with low paid, untrained workers.   While many of these workers are very good at what they do, most have little to no knowledge when it comes to medical training.  Look for a senior housing facility that has nurses on site day and night.
  4. Can I talk to some current residents? This might be the best way to get a true feel for a place is to talk privately to some of the current residents.  Make sure to randomly pick some patients as you will often get a wide variety of responses.
  5. What additional services do you offer? More and more facilities are battling for patients and this means an upgrade in services in a facility.  The main things to look for are a place with a good recreation program and an upgrade in technology.
  6. Do you have experience with our situation? Depending on the needs of yourself or your loved one it is important to try and find a place that has dealt with the issues that your loved one may bring.  Dementia and Alzheimer’s are two very common ailments of senior citizens and it is important that if you have a loved one who suffers from these, to find a place that has staff trained in helping seniors with these issues.
  7. When can we visit? Some facilities are off limits to visitors at certain times, while others are pretty open to when people can visit.  Make sure to find a home that fits your availability of visiting as you don’t want to be shut out from visiting your loved one.

These are just a few of the many senior housing questions that you should ask before making a decision about where to place your loved one.   Like we said before, not all facilities are the same and it is wise to visit a few in your area before making a decision.   More often than not, this place will be the last place your loved one will live so it is important to make it as comfortable as possible for them.