When opening a new business one of the main things that an executive is required to do is to differentiate between the various cable service providers available to their business.  While each of these cable companies have their pros and cons it is important to look for certain criteria when selecting a cable company.  Unlike many other amenities that you are adding to your business, cable and internet is something that has become a necessity in certain hospitality related industries and that is why it is a necessity to choose the right company.

Here are 6 things to look for in your cable service provider.

cable service providersPrice:  The number one thing that sways the decision of any business when adding any amenities is how it fits in the budget.  Cable and Internet service has gone from being an amenity 20+ years ago to a necessity in any client based facility.  Often times getting high speed Internet service will sway the decision of someone choosing a nursing home.  SeniorTV as your cable service provider is the ability to save money on your monthly bills.  How it works is that SeniorTV is able to offer prices much lower than residents would pay for their own cable and you can become the “cable company” for your building.  With packages available for under $4 per client a month, cable companies can absorb the costs of cable TV into the customer’s monthly fees and put that money back into the business.  This is a win-win for both the client and facility, as administration can offer the same service as cable at a much lower price to their residents.

Needs of your company:  The needs of a long term care facility are far different than the needs of a local restaurant, while both would like to get the best cable service that they can.  Industries such as hotels, nursing homes, hospital, schools and any other facility that caters to a large number of clients, should seriously look into installing a cable headend unit at their facility.  A headend unit is a rack full of receivers that let the administration customizes channels based on the needs of their clients.  This is a great option for all of these larger types of facilities as it lets the clientele dictate which channels are shown throughout the building.

Do they offer Internet:  Companies that do large installations for both cable TV and Internet services will often give a discount to a customer.  Also, unlike residential Internet providers, it is wise to find a company that specializes in commercial high speed Internet, as it is very different in both pricing and installation cost.

Do they offer extras:  One thing that separates some cable companies from others is the extras that they offer to their clients.  After years of offering purely commercial satellite TV to its customers, SeniorTV started to develop more and more products based on the needs of their clients.  Over the years we have created many different items such as  private message channels and a customized TV guide channel to fit the needs of our customers.

Trust factor:  One of the biggest problems with local cable companies is the down time for service calls.  We have all been there before with local cable companies. Our TV goes down on a Saturday night and we have a 3 hour wait time to talk to a human and a scheduled cable repair is 10 days down the road.  While this is annoying at your house, it is devastating for any company that offers cable TV to their customers.  Finding a quality cable service provider with a fast customer service department is a key component to keeping your business up and running.  Make sure when sifting through the various companies that you may want to hire to do your install that you inquire not only how they do their service calls, but about how long they can be out to your facility if a problem happens to occur.

Packages Available:  When speaking with business owners one of the things that they hate the most about most cable companies is the types of cable packages that they offer to their customers.  At SeniorTV, we are one of the few cable and Internet providers that can customize channels to fit the needs of the facility.  A perfect example of this is in a Long Term Care facility that we just installed on where the administrator asked us point blank “I want the 32 most popular channels for the over 65 crowd”.  Given this data we were able to build a customizable 32 channel headend that fit the needs of both men and women in their facility.  The customer called us a couple months later and said that they were pleased with the channels and even added a few more, which is easy to do through a cable headend unit.