At SeniorTV one of the things that we do to make life easier on our customers is find ways for our clients/patients save money on their assisting living costs.  With this in mind, we assisted living cosstwork with nursing homes, retirement communities, and assisted living facilities to cut costs for their residents.  Besides providing reduced cable bills to facilities we also have high speed Internet, provide quality TVs and work on other technologies to help our customers acquire more residents.  As technology gets better throughout the 21st century, so does SeniorTV.

With over 20 years of experience providing satellite TV to Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Senior Housing, and 55+ and Retirement Home Communities, we have specialized in helping residents enjoy their stay at whatever facility that they choose.  Listed below are the top 5 ways for residents and administrators to work together to provide a better overall living environment for their residents.

  1. Reduce Your Cable Fees: The cable fees that are charged from cable companies have become high and each year people are spending out large amounts of money in order to be able to enjoy cable.  At SeniorTV we have developed a program of providing low cost bulk TV to assisted living facilities.  For a list of “SeniorTV” facilities in your area please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.
  2. Grow Your Own Plants and Vegetables: Some of the assisted living homes will have a space that you can grow your own vegetables and plant your own plants.  If they do not offer a space, you can still grow your own with indoor garden centers that allow for different plants to grow inside.  This is great for those of you who want something to do in their spare time as well as for those of you who want to eat healthier each day.
  3. Choose A Prescription Plan Discount Program: Many people in assisted living communities and retirement communities are on monthly prescriptions.  The cost of prescriptions has increased over the years and therefore people are always looking for ways to save on their prescriptions.  You can do this by looking around at doctors’ offices and stores for the prescription cards that come free for discounts.  You can pick up the discount cards for free and use them to cut back on the cost of your prescription that you pay for out of pocket or even for the copays that you pay each month on the medication.
  4. Choose a Home That Is Energy Efficient: This is important since you will be spending your hard earned money on utility bills such as electric and gas.  Many homes will only have gas for items such as their stove and perhaps for a dryer however the need for gas has decreased over the years as more people are choosing electric.  Newer, better constructed facilities will often be able to charge cheaper monthly rates as they have created facilities that are energy efficient.
  5. Shop Around for Technology: One problem that many senior citizens have is that they often will buy the first thing they can find at the local retail store or just have a family member buy their technology products.  At SeniorTV we specialize in providing TVs and other electronic equipment designed for use in nursing homes and retirement communities.  Before spending money at your local retail store, check out our products online at