As seniors approach their golden years there are now more things to do than ever.  One of the number one issues in nursing homes across the country in years past is boredom.  As technology has increased that seems to be less and less of a problem.  Besides technology there are several ways to not only stay physically active, but keep your brain active.  Here are some of our favorites.

Learn More About Computers:  More and more seniors are learning how to use computers more than ever.  With the introduction of the iPhone and iPad, “apps” have become the wave of the future and an easy way for seniors to learn how to use computers without having to mess with a PC or laptop.  With that being said, more and more seniors are not only learning about technology, but the ways it can make their lives easier.  Check out this article that we previously wrote about finding the best websites for seniors.

Make Money:  No longer do seniors have to go punch a clock to make money these days.  More and more seniors have found ways to use their computer to make money.  Blogging, buying and selling online items and placing ads on their websites are just a few of the many ways that seniors can make a side income from using their computer.

Exercise Your Brain:  While the staple of jigsaw and crossword puzzles are great for the brain, more and more seniors are using “apps” to play brain busting games.  With the use of iPads and smartphones there is an endless number of “brain games” that are available for seniors.

technology-keeping-seniors-activeExercise Your Body:  More and more apps are being created for those interested in keeping track of their physical health too and many are aimed at seniors.  Heart rate monitors, step counters and fitness planning apps are just a few of the many apps that are available for seniors looking to keep active.  This is just another great way that technology for seniors can help those stay up to date with their body.

Get Social:  Social Media is a term that was relatively unknown 5 years ago and now is a common term used by seniors every day.  “Facebooking”, “Googling” and “Twittering” are just a few of the social media terms that are now common lingo among seniors.  For those who live in an assisted living center or reside in a long term care facility, social media may be there only window to the outside world as they often live far away from family and friends.

More and more technology for seniors is being introduced on a daily basis by software companies around the globe.  As the world of technology expands so do the businesses that cater to the ever growing senior population.  As one of these leaders of the technology boom for seniors, SeniorTV keeps up to date with all of the new technology available for nursing homes and other similar facilities.  To learn more about what we have to offer visit us online at or give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.