Choosing a long term care facility (LTC) can be a very hard decision for a family, as it is often the final place that their family member will live.  When researching various long term Care facilities it is wise to do research as they are all not built the same.  If you care about your loved one it is a good idea to do your homework before choosing a LTC.

Long Term Care FaciiltyAt SeniorTV we have worked in thousands of long term care facilities and nursing homes across the United States.  During the time we have grown our business we have talked to patients and administrators to create technologies that patients want.  Because of this extensive information gathering we have collected data on the things to look for to keep patients happy.  With this in mind, we have implemented a line of technology to make the patient feel comfortable while they are staying at a LTC.

Besides technology, there are many other things to look for when choosing a LTC for your family member.  One good rule of thumb that we advise is to think of yourself staying at a place and look for things that you would want on a daily basis to keep your happy.  Below is a list of the five things that we recommend a family look at before placing their family member in a long term care facility.

  1. Staff– A good staff to patient ratio is very important, especially when dealing with patients that have dementia, amnesia and other forms of memory loss.  When speaking with a potential LTC, we advise asking about their staffing throughout the day.  The lower the better when it comes to taking care of your loved one.
  2. Current Residents– Nothing will give you a better feel for a long term care facility than talking to current residents that live there.  When going on a visit, we advise family members to strike up small talk with current residents to get a feel for the nursing home.  Older patients usually don’t lie about a facility and will often give the “dirt” on the atmosphere of the facility.
  3. Technology– Believe it or not one of the biggest users of the Internet each and every day is senior citizens.  This is the aspect that SeniorTV specializes in as a provider of a variety of technologies to long term care facilities.  Patients have loads of free time and often have limited mobility.  Our products such as MessageNow, PlaybackNow and GuideNow, along with our low cost DirecTV service are just some of the products that we offer to long term care facilities.  Check out these and other products that we offer here and also give us a call to see if any local long term care facilities offer our products.
  4. Food– When going on a tour of a long term care facility it is often wise to check around the cafeteria and kitchen area when visiting a LTC.  While a LTC may be state of the art, some often skimp on quality food. Once again you can ask some of the current residents about the quality of food and food choices when you do your visit.
  5. Extra-Curricular Activities–   Loneliness and depression are something that a high number of LTC patients often exhibit due to a change in lifestyle.  The best way to combat this is to find a facility that offers many extracurricular activities for their patients and a common room for their patients to congregate.  Many patients enjoy nursing homes as they often find joy with playing cards, games and talking with others their age.

Overall choosing a long term care facility for a loved one is often a hard decision.  Besides the cost, we recommend looking at these five other parts of the LTC that you are looking at to get a feel for how daily life will be for your parent.