As we reflect on our 20+ years of service in the senior technology industry we sometimes forget about our past.   Starting off as a 3 person operation in Akron, Ohio in the late 1980s, Rick Briggs had a goal of bringing cable to nursing homes all across America at low prices.   Years later, thousands of installation and a changing nation has put things into perspective.


80s-televisionSeniorTV is going back to its roots to give readers what is what like during this time period and how technology has changed since the late 1980s.  Most people would agree that changes have improved the way we live and made us a lot more mobile. Here are just a few things that particularly stand out about the way technology has changed.

Listen to the music: Considering the fact that it is said to cross many barriers, is there any wonder that the options for listening to music has gotten so much easier. There was a time when cassette tapes could provide someone with about 90 minutes of music, technology changes since the 1980s have put iPods and Mp3 players in the hands of countless music lovers, and the time frame has changed to hours.

Taking A Trip: Drivers no longer need to pull to the side of the road to figure out where an address is located on the map, or spend 15 minutes trying to fold the map, thanks to GPS, it is now unnecessary for men to swallow their pride and ask someone for directions either.   Some of our early salesmen remember “life on the road” as they traveled across America with little more than a pocket map looking for the next nursing home.   Briggs and other salesman during SeniorTV’s early years spent as much as 300 days a year on the road selling to nursing homes and care facilities around the United States.

Catch A Movie: The quality of the movies in the theater may have improved, but many viewers may choose to stay at home instead. Thanks to technology changes since the 1980s, the unraveling of a Beta or VHS tape is no longer a problem for families who want to rent or own a movie; the DVD has changed the game. In addition to that option, movies can now be streamed directly from the Internet to your television.

Communication: Telephones have come a long way since they were first offered to the public, but cell phones have probably made the biggest advances. Anyone who is familiar with the brick like technology of the 80s will probably question why they were called mobile phones. The cell phones of today are smaller, lighter and smarter. In case that is not enough, you can now see the person on the other end of the conversation.  Cell phones have become a staple in today’s world and are an absolute life saver for those on the road.

Ability to Learn: The biggest change in technology has got to be the Internet and the way it is used. Everything we do is now accessible through the Internet, and the speeds have come a long way from dial up technology. Even if you don’t have a smart phone, a laptop or tablet will give you access to the Internet and social media.

Since its inception SeniorTV has grown and embraced senior technology along the way.  While we have seen many changes over time, our focus on quality customer service,  great products and honesty has what has kept us growing.  If you would like to learn more about anything we offer, please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.