One thing that brings back nostalgia to seniors is remembering their younger days in the summer.  Summer time for many in nursing homes and senior communities can be a time for the residents to leave their respective homes and go out and do things with their families.  One thing that we suggest, and this is mainly common sense, is to stay hydrated and avoid being outside in high temperatures for a long period of time.

summer-destinations-for-seniorsOne thing that is great about many summer destinations for seniors is that they cater to both young and older customers.  Businesses that are smart have realized that the baby boomer population and young kids are two of the most important demographics that they must address.  With this in mind, here is a list of our five summer destinations for seniors in 2014.

  1. Amusement Parks –  Historically amusement parks catered strictly to thrill seekers, times have changed and so has the overall feel of many parks.  If you look at old amusement park maps you will see mostly fast rides that spin or go high in the air.  Now many parks have specific areas just for kids and seniors.  Most of the bigger parks like Disney and Six Flags have air conditioned areas for seniors and offer many indoor shows and attractions where seniors can still be entertained without having to be on a thrill ride.
  2. Golf Courses –  Golf Courses are filled with seniors and for good reason it is a very easy sport to play no matter what your age.  Many seniors who have never golfed before are taking lessons and starting the sport up at an older age.  Golf courses appeal to seniors as most of them offer discounts and “early bird” specials for seniors during the week days.
  3. Flea Markets –  Flea Markets are huge in the summer and a great place for seniors who love to shop.  Now more than ever before flea markets advertise online and are easily found by just typing in Google “flea markets your city” for the city that you live in.  Flea Markets are not only a great place for seniors in nursing homes to find neat things for their rooms, but they can also sell things that they may make on their own.  Setting up shop at a flea market is pretty cheap and it can be a great way to make some extra money during the summer.
  4. Baseball Games– Who doesn’t love watching baseball in the summer, it’s as American as it gets.  The problem that many seniors have is that it is way too hot to watch games during the year.  Many major league and minor league stadiums have catered to those who have issues with the heat and offer shaded area seats and has indoor restaurants at many of their ballparks that one can watch the game while in the comforts of air conditioning.
  5. Museums– No matter what interests that you may have there are usually a number of different museums or attractions within driving distance from your residence.  Aquariums, art museums, history museums are just a few of the many summer destinations for seniors.  Look online for promo codes and coupons before you go out and you can usually find special discounts.

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