As SeniorTV enters its 4th decade of operation we have seen many changes over the years.   From the late 1980s to 2015 the world as we know it has changed tremendously over the years.  One thing that we have seen the biggest change is in technology and how we seniors use it.   From the Internet being something that only a few scientists had access to 25 years ago, to something that is in almost every home, business and school in the United States in 2015, times have definitely changed.

With the advance in technology, the rise in seniors becoming more technologically advanced has also changed.  Instead of complaining of “not being technical” enough just a few years ago, many seniors are now embracing technology as part of their daily life.   Let’s take a look into 5 senior trends in 2015 that are definitely on the rise.

Online Employment:   Only a few years back, it was rare to find someone that actually “worked online”.   Now, because of the rapid expansion of jobs available via the Internet, more and more seniors have gone to online employment as a way to make money after retirement.   Affiliate sales, online call centers and long distance learning are just a few of the most common ways that seniors have used technology to help them stay afloat.

The “I” generation:  With the launch of the Apple’s “I” products (iPhone, iPad, iPod) more and more seniors have joined the trend and jumped on the Apple bandwagon.   Seniors love the iPad and iPhone as they not only have a pretty easy learning curve, but provide entertainment for seniors throughout the day.  Many “apps” have become devoted to the senior crowd and have become a multi-billion dollar industry, which seniors happen to be a large part of the buying crowd.

Online Dating Sites:  Loneliness is something that many seniors no longer have to worry about as more and more widows and divorcees are finding a mate online.   Originally targeted towards a younger crowd, more and more seniors are using online dating sites to find people.   Unlike younger people, who find it easier to mingle and go out, seniors have gone to the Internet more and more in 2015.

Nursing Home Alternatives:  The old school nursing homes of the past were mostly dreary and depressing, not the newer nursing homes and alternative care facilities.  More and more seniors are staying active and happy as nursing homes are turning into more and more fun activity and games as they compete for business among seniors.   Computer rooms, fitness centers, game rooms and many more amenities are just a few of the many things that have become senior trends in 2015.

Cable Choices:  Much like nursing home alternatives, more and more senior facilities are learning the benefits of cable alternatives such as private cable.   SeniorTV was an innovator in the private cable sector as we are the first and largest company to offer private cable to nursing homes across America.  Several thousand installations later we are still the kings and growing by the day.   Senior facilities no longer have to be monopolized by a cable company and now have alternative choices such as SeniorTV.