senior-travelOne problem that many children and grandchildren underestimate is the care that they must provide when traveling with seniors.  Many seniors must be treated with the same care as children, as they cannot take care of themselves the way that they use to when they were younger.  With that being said, not all seniors need special accommodations.  Before planning a trip, here are some senior travel trips for loved ones to abide by to make the trip go smoother for their loved one.

  1. Have Emergency Numbers on Hand- It is important to have emergency contact numbers available before planning any trip with a senior citizen.  This usually means having a list of the doctors that take care of the person and phone numbers associated with that person.  Also, make note of any special needs that this senior may have when traveling.  It is also an excellent idea to program any numbers of local medical facilities in your phone where you are traveling as these are important in case of an emergency.
  2. Have Essential Medicines Nearby – It is important to have all medications and fluids on hand at all times for your loved one.  One of the most important senior travel trips that we recommend is having water at all times, especially in warmer conditions.  Places where the weather and humidity get over 85 degrees can become real troublesome for elderly people, especially if they are coming from a cold weather climate and are not acclimated to the warm conditions.  It is always wise to pay attention to warning signs of heat stroke if you see any from your loved one.
  3. Plan Downtimes during the Trip- It is very easy for younger relatives to get carried away in trying to plan a number of activities throughout the day.  When planning it is wise to take a break every couple hours to accommodate for the senior, as many of them don’t have the energy to keep up with constant activities.  This means plan it is always wise to leave earlier for flights and schedule breaks during days, especially when enjoying outside activities.
  4. Arrange Special Services before Time- If you plan on attending an amusement park or are going to an event such as a sporting event, it is always wise to call the facility beforehand to ask about special services for seniors.  As many baby boomers are approaching senior status, facilities such as sports stadiums and other venues will often cater to seniors by offering special services to fit their needs.  Upfront parking, wheelchair transportation and special seating are just a few of the most common accommodations that will make a seniors travel much easier for them.
  5. Talk to the Doctor before Scheduling the Trip – Many seniors are stubborn about what they can do and will often not be totally upfront about their restrictions or what they can or cannot do.  It is always wise to make a call to your loved one’s primary physician to get an accurate view on the things that they can or cannot do.

Senior travel can be the most rewarding experience if it is done correctly.  On the other hand, not following through with basic needs for your loved ones can totally ruin a vacation as an unexpected trip to the hospital or physician’s office can derail a fun trip.  Follow these senior travel tips for 2014 before planning your trip and you will have an excellent time.