In our early days of working in nursing homes and assisted living facilities we saw two basic walking assistance devices for seniors, that was the old styled manual wheelchair and even less so the electronic wheelchair.   As SeniorTV technology has grown over the years, so has the variety of walking assistance devices for elderly patients.   Let’s take a look at some of these and how they help senior customers.

  1. Mobility Scooters-   High prices electronic wheelchairs are something that very few patients could afford in the past.   Not only has this technology gotten better, but it has also gotten cheaper.   Mobility scooters are a must have for any senior who is having issues in a nursing home as they not only can maneuver anywhere but they get their quick.   Not only are these much better than electronic wheelchairs from years past but they can be found at low prices.  Click Here to see some of our favorites offered by the company AmeriGlide.
  2. Stair Lift- While these are more suited for home use, the stair lift has become one of the best walking aids for seniors that have trouble getting up and down steps.   Believe it or not walking down the steps is a much bigger problem for seniors as this is where most falls occur.   Broken hips, fractured arms and even head injuries are just a few of the most common injuries that happen from falling down steps.   A Stair Lift can be a seniors best friend as it helps them go up and down the steps with no issues.  This is especially handy for those who live alone as many seniors will often fall and have no way to reach a loved one because of a broken bone.
  3. Walking Cane- While many seniors still rely on the traditional style walking cane, some others are using newer models that are much safer than the traditional walking stick.   The HurryCane is one such model that has caught on in popularity in recent years as it has a three bumper system that will not slip on different surfaces.  In fact the builders of this cane have deemed the HurryCane the first “All-Terrain” Cane because of its ability to remain stable on a variety of surfaces.
  4. Specially Designed Shoes-   More and more seniors are having shoes specifically designed for their feet by doctors.  The problem with buying traditional shoes at a store is that they are made for the average person and not designed to help those who have foot problems or trouble walking.   More and more seniors have started getting shoes designed to fit their feet rather than buying shoes out of the box at a store.
  5. Lift Chair- While not a walking assistance device for seniors as much as a getting up and down of chair device, a lift chair is designed to help people get up from their chairs with ease.   What a lift chair does is provide the basic comfort of a reclining chair, but take away the part where it is hard to get up from.    Seniors who need walking assistance generally have problems with their overall back and leg strength.  Lift chairs are designed to use momentum to lift users to their feet so they don’t have to use their back and leg muscles to get up.

As technology grows, so does the number of walking assistive devices available for elderly individuals.  At SeniorTV we remained focused on not only providing excellent technology to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, but also knowledge to seniors to help them with their day to day activities.  If you are interested in learning more about what we have to offer give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.