One problem that we had when first entering the private cable business is that customers would always complain to us about not having a TV channel guide for their room.  Unlike residential cable, with our commercial private cable installation we are able to customize the channels that a business wants based on the needs of their clients.  For example, the ESPN channel on a residential DIRECTV customer’s guide will be a different channel than the ESPN channel at a long term care facility.

With this in mind we tinkered with several different ideas for a cable guide channel before we created our own.  After several months of programming we created the GuideNOW TV guide channel that is customizable to each facility.  Unlike a traditional guide channel, the GuideNOW channel is a fully customizable and is customized to the channels on your specific TV.  With that being said, we have listed 5 reasons to why adding a TV channel guide is a good idea for your business.

guide_logo_bigFully Customizable:  Each organization that installs the GuideNOW channel guide will have the guide customized to fit their system.  While most cable companies offer their own guide channel, this on screen channel guide will match the facilities channels and eliminate all of the other channels that are not available.  To the right is a picture of the full screen GuideNOW channel.


Hands Free Use:  GuideNOW is completely hands free for the administrator and controlled by the engineering staff at SeniorTV.   We host the channels and make any changes that are needed with a simple phone call (1-800-890-7770) to our company.  We have staff available 24/7, 365 days a year if any type of glitch or software problem happened to occur with your system.  With the guide channel, administrators get to rest easy knowing that SeniorTV will be monitoring their system at all hours of the day.

guide_wx_bigWeather Updates:  One thing that we have added to the GuideNOW scrolling TV guide software is the ability to display the local weather.  There is no need for a facility to add a weather channel as GuideNOW gives the ability to display the weather at all times.  Below is a picture of the GuideNOW with weather option that is available to customers.  This weather bar will display the current conditions, today’s forecast, and tomorrow’s forecast for the area.  Weather conditions are updated as they change and the software constantly checks for new forecasts.

Advertising Profits:  One way to cut down on the overall monthly budget of your facility is to add the advertising option to your GuideNOW.  With this option, businesses can display advertisements from local businesses as a way to supplement their messaging channel.  Many local businesses are more than happy to pay good money to display their logo or advertisement on a message screen that is specified in your particular niche.  Many nursing homes and long term care facilities that have used the advertising option, are able to cover their GuideNOW monthly expenses and even add money to their organization.  Pictured below is a picture of the GuideNOW scrolling TV guide channel with the Advertising/messaging option.


Ability to Message Customers:  Besides adding advertising to the guide channel, administrators can also add messaging to the channel.  Many facilities using this messaging option will display some of the important things that they want their clients to see during the day.  Lunch and dinner menus, daily events schedules and special announcements are just a few of the most popular items that facilities have added to their GuideNOW channel.

Overall the use of a scrolling TV channel guide is an excellent option for any business owner of a private cable system.  The 5 reasons above are just a few of the many ways a facility can benefit from adding the GuideNOW messaging system.  If you are interested in learning more about the GuideNOW channel, please visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.