One of the main problems that we see among staff and residents in residential facilities that we install in is communication issues.  Due to the large number of residents at a facility, there are many factors that result in this lack of  messagenow-package-bigcommunication.  One way that many of these facilities have changed this trend is by adding a Messaging System to their facility.

First we must explain what we mean by a Messaging System or what we like to call the MessageNOW system.  As a provider for private cable to nursing homes and long term care facilities nationwide we were constantly molding products to fit our customer’s needs.  One of these products was the need for some type of community channel for staff to be able to communicate with residents throughout a retirement facility.  While technology has changed with the explosion of cellular phones, Internet and other forms of communication, many senior residents will look to their TV to find information that they need.

With this being said, we at SeniorTV developed a state of the art messaging system that allows administration to have constant contact with their residents through the messaging channel.  Below you will find 5 of the most popular things that the MessageNOW, our custom made community channel, can bring to your facility.

Daily Menus:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks are arguably the most enjoyable time for seniors in a long term care facility.  Not only is this something that many residents look forward to, but it is their time to socialize with other residents.  One popular feature of the MessageNOW channel is the ability to display the daily menus for facility.  A slideshow with the foods of the day is a favorite among residents and it helps them plan their meals.

Announcements: Birthdays, anniversaries and important world news are just a few of the most popular announcements used in long term care messaging channels.  With this valuable information residents can keep up with each other and be notified of these and other special events that may occur throughout the facility on a given day.

Activities:  Many residents love the variety of activities that their long term care facility has to offer.  With the customizable software, administrators can leave a detailed schedule of daily events and their times for their residents to view.  These activity options not only help educate the residents on what is available at the facility, but also help cut down on phone calls to the front desk on what activities are available and at what time.

Welcoming Committee:  Many residents love the use of a community channel to see new residents that come to the facility. One thing that some long term care facilities use this for is to give a brief bio and welcome message to new staff and residents.  This is great for residents that may find an old friend or someone that has the same interests as them as it gives a little background to the faces that they see every day.

Multiple Broadcast Spots:  When we first started doing installations of bulk television cable services we remember going floor by floor noticing all of the bulletin boards full of expired information.  Not only is this a waste of valuable information, but many important things are never seen by many residents.  With the ability to broadcast messages to every TV in a facility, each resident has the opportunity to view what the facility feels is important.  This is especially seen in many residents who have limited mobility and may not see many parts of their nursing facility.

The use of technology has changed the way long term care facilities do business.  Many facilities are moving away from the old ways of communicating with residents and jumping on the MessageNOW bandwagon.  Not only is this a great tool for a messaging channel, but as you can see above it offers many other great features.  If you are interested in learning more about how a MessageNOW can transform your facility to a state of the art long term care facility please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770 or visit us online at