Due to the rise in the average age today’s citizen, more and more institutions have offered incentives for seniors to use their products.  The problem that most senior citizens have is that they do not know how to properly look for these discounts.  One thing that we recommend at SeniorTV is to keep track of sites that offer discounts and browse them regularly throughout the day.

senior-citizen-discountsFinding these discounts has become easier if you know where to look and who to talk to.  While we don’t list every senior citizen discount for 2014 that is available on the market today, we have chosen five that we feel are important to our readers.  Listed below are the five best senior discounts for 2014 to look for in your area.

  1. AARP-  The most valuable thing that you can purchase for under $20 as a senior is an AARP membership.  If we were to offer one place that could save you the most money on your purchases it would be AARP.  Travel Benefits, Health Products, Financial services and many other discounts are just some of the many things that an AARP membership can bring to its user.  Check out their website at http://www.aarp.org/benefits-discounts/  to see all of the benefits that this great organization can offer for senior citizens.
  2. Sciddy-  The website http://www.sciddy.com/ is similar to http://www.seniortv.com/ in that it focuses on the senior demographic for all of its information.  Sciddy has hundreds of categories for seniors and is broken up by either location or category.  This site is a must have for those who are looking to save money when they are at home or on the road.  Whether you are looking for local fast food discounts or the best places to fix your car, Sciddy is one of the best sites around.
  3. Banking-  Several banks now offer special senior citizen savings offers.  Most of these financial institutions offer higher interest rates for seniors that choose to bank with them and also offer more flexible IRA and retirement accounts.  The great thing is that your current bank probably offers senior rates and they may be able to transfer your current account over to these higher interest accounts.
  4. Car Insurance-  Car Insurance companies such as Geico & Progressive are just a few of the car insurance companies that are offering senior discounts for senior drivers.  If you have been accident and traffic ticket free for years, these companies now reward you instead of raise rates because of your age.
  5. Parks-  For $10 the U.S. National Park Service offers seniors a lifetime membership to more than 2,500 parks around the United States.  These parks are some of our nation’s finest attractions and offer a great way to visit some places on the “bucket list” as you travel around the United States.  The great thing about these parks is that there are many hidden gems that are short drives away from places that you may visit on vacation or when seeing family members.

While there are many other senior citizen discounts for 2014 available all over the Internet, these are five that we highly recommend.  At SeniorTV, we have evolved to a company that focuses on all aspects of life for the senior crowd,  if you have any questions about the products that we have to offer give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.