One of the hardest things for seniors to do is adjust to a new environment.  Many seniors who are entering a long term care facility or a senior nursing home find it hard to adjust to life after they leave their home.  When taking care of seniors, it is important to have a collaborative effort among doctors, family and the home that the senior will be moving into.  This takes work and effort and is important to work collaboratively.  Here is a list of 5 tips for taking care of seniors.

  1. senior adjusting to nursing homeBe Flexible: Usually planning for a move into a senior facility involves much more than just picking a facility and moving. Many hidden issues arise that may upset the individual moving and also the whole “team”.   It is important to plan for best and prepare for the worst when it comes to planning a move.   Insurance issues, mobility issues, hidden fees and problems are bound to occur and it is important to be prepared for all of these.  It is advised for the family to talk to the long term care facility or administrator to get a feel on what they should expect.
  2. Communication: Communication is the key when it comes to working as a cohesive unit that is taking care of senior citizens.    It is important for family members, caregivers, doctors, staff and the home to keep in touch with one another to avoid any issues.    We recommend communicating by e-mail if possible as this is the easiest way to stay on the same page and document any issues that may arise.
  3. Get Guidance: Sending a loved one to a senior facility is something that is multi-faceted and takes many family members (if possible) to make the best decision.   When making the decision on what home that you may send your loved ones or what is the best environment, it is always wise to search around the talk to people in the various settings before making any decisions.   Patients, family members and online forums are all great sources to get unbiased information about different environments.  Many folks will get caught up in the beautiful amenities and the great feel that they get when visiting a facility and might not know some underlying issues that may cause problems.  It is wise to do your homework before moving forward with any major facility as far as placement.
  4. Stay Visible: One of the hardest things that any senior has to adjust to is life once they move into a new facility.  While they may seem to like their new surroundings, many feel lonely when they are out of their comfort zone.   It is important as a family to visit as much as possible and to call whenever possible to keep your loved ones comfortable.   Frequent visits bringing comfort foods or things that keep the person happy are a great way to make your loved one feel at home.

These are just some of the many things that a family can do when taking care of seniors as they move to their new “home”.   Remember that no matter how they may act or feel on the outside, they should always remember that it is difficult to adjust to life when they enter a senior facility.

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