As a provider of wholesale, bulk TV programming to Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Senior Housing, and 55+ and Retirement Home Communities for over 20 years, we have had our fair share of questions of the benefits of bulk satellite TV vs. cable TV.  Instead of going on and on why our services are the best and the reasons to pick us over your local cable company we decide to provide quality information to the consumer so they can make the best choice for THEIR facility and not get a sales pitch. bulktv

For those who don’t understand our process it is a simple one, as a private cable company we can install and provide customized bulk satellite TV programming at much lower prices than your local cable company.  With the bulk TV program that we offer we can accommodate as many televisions as your facility has without the hassle of dealing with multiple cable bills.  With SeniorTV we provide one low monthly bill for your whole facility.

With that being said, we will explain 4 reasons to add bulk television programming to your company today.

Customization:  Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick and choose which stations that you want from your local cable company?  From our research the average TV viewer watches 90% of their programming on only a handful of channels.  With SeniorTV your long-term care facility can cut out the confusion and extra charges of the hundreds of stations that you get from your “cable package” and instead customize the channels for their facility.  This is great, especially for the senior crowd, as it eliminates many of the channels that seniors don’t usually watch.  Rather than memorizing hundreds of channels and the shows that are on, we offer the facility the options to pick the “favorites” based on their population.

Price:  The best part of buying bulk TV programming is the money you will save from this programming.  As an authorized DIRECTV dealer we can provide much lower prices to our customers than the cable company.  With this in mind, facilities can choose the prices that they charge their residents and even use the low cable pricing as a selling point to their customers.  Many customers that we work use the low monthly cable prices as their main selling point when persuading customers to join their facility.

Service:  As a private cable provider we must find ways to separate ourselves from the local cable company.  One thing we strive for is great customer service.  For any of you who have ever dealt with the customer service reps at your local cable company, you know that they all have poor customer service.  High turnover, low wages and lack of knowledge are commonplace among customer service representatives at your local cable company.  At SeniorTV we provide you with direct lines to experienced installers, sales staff and customer service representatives that are not only knowledgeable, but are available 24/7, 365 days a year.  With technicians in every U.S. state we provide quick and efficient repairs and service for any problem that may occur in a timely manner.

Our Specialty:  We all love companies that specialize in our niche.  While cable companies can provide you with basic service, your facility is just another customer to them.  Many of these companies don’t have the knowledge, experience or know how when working with a nursing home or long-term care facility.  From our experience, a nursing home is one of the most advanced cable installations to perform.  Each facility is independent of one another and each offers its own challenges.  The problem with getting cable from your cable company is that you will often be dealing with a first time subcontractor, who probably has little experience in installing cable in a large facility.  This inexperience can result in slow installation time, poor installation strategies and many future problems.  These problems not only cost money, but they can result in no cable for the facility if there is an installation problem.  At SeniorTV we not only specialize in nursing homes and long-term care facilities but we offer on average 20 years experience from our engineers in this field.

While there are many more reasons to choose SeniorTV for your bulk TV programming needs, these are ones that we tend to focus on the most.  Since 1992 SeniorTV has provided private cable services to a variety of facilities across the United States.  If you are interested in learning more about our services please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770 to speak to representative today.