While planning to put your parents or loved ones in a nursing home can be overwhelming, there are some common mistakes that we see families make.   Not all nursing homes are the same and often times an unknowing relative are thrust into making an important decision on what type of home is best for their family member.  With that being said, we have made a list of some common nursing home search mistakes to avoid while trying to find a place for your loved one.

  1. long-term-care-buildingPutting too Much Stock in Proximity

Many loved ones believe that all nursing homes are the same and that it is just easy to put a loved one in a “home up the street”.  While this nursing home may be a good choice, it is often not the best.  We kind of like this to choosing a restaurant while on vacation,  while you may get lucky and pick a great one it is often best to look around and find one that is better.   Online reviews and speaking to people is one of the easiest ways to find a nursing home that may be a better fit for your loved one.

  1. Not being Realistic about Your Loved Ones Needs

It is important to project a possible 2-5 year plan when choosing a nursing home for your loved ones.  It is also very important to be realistic and choose a home that can best take care of your family member.  One of the top nursing home search mistakes is finding a place that will be a great fit for the next 6 months or so, but may not be a good choice in 2-3 years as the person grows older and becomes less and less able to take care of them self.

  1. Judging a Home by Its Looks

Much like the old saying “you don’t judge a book by its cover”; this is the same for nursing homes.  Many very poorly run nursing homes will look awesome from those who go for a tour or visit.  These organizations are some that are owned by big companies and that put more money into making it look nice and less on doing things that help their patients.   These are harder to judge from the outside and we usually recommend for those people to talk to actual clients and their family about the care and service in the facility.

  1. Not Getting Help from Professionals

We recommend getting help from someone such as a lawyer or doctor when searching for nursing homes.  A lawyer is always advised as it is important to read all of the fine print before signing anything when it comes to nursing home services.  Many nursing homes have hidden fees that often occur after a certain amount of time, which can jack up the price of monthly bills.   We also recommend getting help from your loved one’s physician to see if they recommend the facility and if it fits all the patient’s medical needs.

Choosing to put a loved one in a nursing home is a life altering decision that can only be made after extensive research.   It is important for a family member to avoid nursing home search mistakes to make sure that they are getting the proper care for their family member.