When one traditional thinks of senior citizen hobbies they generally classify them with things that only “old people” do such as knitting, playing checkers and taking walks.  As senior living has changed over the years more and more seniors are starting to get into hobbies that were usually thought of as only for “young people”.   Here is a surprise list of some of 10 popular hobbies for senior citizens.

  1. Video Games: Video games were introduced in the 1970s with Atari and exploded in the 1980s, so the age of the average video game player is no longer just children.   Men and women age 65 and older have jumped on the bandwagon as technology has become a more integral part of their everyday life.  From simple games like Angry Birds to more advanced games such as Call of Duty, more and more seniors are jumping online to play video games now more than ever.
  2. nursing-home-guitarGuitar Playing: As arguably the most popular hobby for teenagers in the 1960s and 1970s, guitar playing is starting to become popular among seniors, many of whom have never played before.   Many nursing homes and senior centers are now offering electric and acoustic guitar lessons for senior citizens.
  3. Comic Books: More and more senior citizens are getting back into hobbies they did as children and comic books is something that children of the 1950s and 60s grew up on.  Not only collecting old magazines, but many seniors are getting into some of the newer magazines and newer versions of their favorites such as Batman, Superman and Spiderman.
  4. Working Out: More and more senior citizens are working out and staying fit at an older age.  Not only are seniors doing light cardio routines, but many are doing full fledged weight training routines on a regular basis.   Check out this previous article we wrote on how seniors are staying in shape.
  5. Collecting Albums: The common theme of many of the most popular hobbies for senior citizens, is seniors reliving their youth and doing things that were popular when they were children.  More and more senior citizens are collecting authentic vinyl records from the past and building up their album collections.
  6. Traveling: Unlike the past where seniors never leave the senior community where they go to, more and more senior communities are offering vacation packages to their clients.   Not only are seniors traveling to places across the United States, but they are also making trips to countries for weeks at a time.  Traveling the world for seniors has become a hobby that many enjoy.
  7. Motorcycles:  Like guitar playing more and more senior citizens are purchasing their first motorcycle at an advanced age.   These senior citizens are not just purchasing the “old man” bikes either, most of them are buying custom Harley Davidson motorcycles and like to drive them fast.
  8. Blogging: More and more seniors are not only getting online, but starting to create their own online blogs.  Not only are they creating a blog, but many of them are making a lot of money in blogging on things that they love.
  9. Dating: Between finding loved ones at their nursing homes or joining online dating sites, more and more seniors are starting to become regular daters.
  10. Partying: The senior centers of times past were often quiet and unfriendly for the average citizen, while the new age senior centers have become a more laid back fun atmosphere.  Happy hours,  birthday parties and just plain get togethers are something that more and more seniors are doing and enjoying like they did when they were young.

As more and more babyboomers are entering their senior years, the shift of senior hobbies have changed.  The kids of the 1950s and 1960s are becoming senior age and more and more are reliving their youth.

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